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Topic: Best route for selling Disney snow globes

Sat 5/15/2010 8:56a
Ok, kids - as many of you may know, I collected Disney snow globes for most of the '00s. Well, at this point in my life, I've realized that they've all been in boxes since I moved back in the fall of 2008, so I think I should likely just get rid of them. So, where is the best place to try to sell something like this? Are there Disney-specific boards where I may hope to recoup more money, or should I just go the eBay route? Or should I just take them to a thrift store here locally and take a few bucks each? These are globes that for the most part were originally in the $100+ price range.
Sat 5/15/2010 9:14a
No way should you sell them to a thrift store. If i were you i would hang on to them another 10 years or so. If you really want to get rid of them try ebay or craigslist.
Sat 5/15/2010 9:24a
Yeah, I'm not 100% committed to getting rid of them, but honestly - I just figure since they've been in boxes THIS long, I don't know if and when I'll take them out. I'm trying to become less of a packrat. Anyhow, thanks for the Craigslist suggestion - I may try that since I can post them for more than I would on eBay. hehe :) May as well make some $$ on the deal (which is why the thrift store idea was just an idea and not anything I think I'd do hehe).
basil fan
Sat 5/15/2010 6:41p
May I suggest you look up your specific globes on ebay first. If there are 7 or 8 of them already on, don't bother putting yours up, unless you want to sell it for a pittance.

Then search your globes under Advanced Search: Completed Auctions to see if anybody was able to sell theirs. If not, then go elsewhere.

Other possibilities:

Free classified ad in Tomart's Disneyana Update, which comes out every 2 months. or If it sells, they will charge you a dollar or two. If not, you pay nothing. NOTE: You may have to leave them on these sites for months before you get a nibble, and potential buyers are allowed to ask you to go down in price, but you are not obligated to do so.

Thu 5/20/2010 6:26a
Thanks, basil fan!
basil fan
Thu 5/20/2010 6:37p
Any time.

The Tarzan Equation
Thu 5/20/2010 7:13p
Have you decided to keep them ? Just think looking back 20 years at the snowglobes and then the value they will be worth then :)
Sat 5/22/2010 9:36p
now is not the time to sell them even if you decided too.... the 'market' for collectibles sucks big time-- look at ebay WDCC...pages and pages of no bids and people selling them for pennies on the dollar. FOr all but the most highly sought after one would almost be better donating to charity for C.I.B. list price and take the tax credit. Same for Harmony Kingdom - Armani , Waterford etc Disney. I would love to move some stuff to get some money put away for collee for my youngest - but not going to give the things away.
I would wait for a while if you can also..hopefully one day it will get better.
basil fan
Mon 5/24/2010 5:34p
One problem with snowglobes: the water eventually evaporates, leaving you with a large, undesireable air bubble.

One reason I hesitate to buy and re-sell these items, unless I have hopes of a really quick sale.

Phil's Hero Rules
Mon 5/24/2010 5:58p
In all honesty, what has the secondary market been on most Disney items? I have been a Disney collector way before it became fashionable. I have some of the early numbered cermamic pieces, some numbered lithographs and lots of other things but the truth is none of them have really gained that much in value over the years.

Thanks vbdad55, I have begun doing my Christmas shopping for my adult daughters on ebay. They will love those WDCC statues that I will get for a fraction of the cost.

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