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Topic: WDW Social 'Media' and Conspiracy

Spirit of 74
Thu 5/5/2011 11:54p
OK, I admit it, I love a Spirited old-fashioned conspiracy theory (ya know like Obama not being born in the USA or Osama not really sleeping with the fishes), but here's a legit question.

It's really a question for Thomas Smith and his bosses at TDO/TWDC, but he may well read this, you can be sure he won't have the balls to actually respond here. And let's face it, being a publicity hack for Disney means lying to people's faces while telling them to 'have a MAGICal day' anyway.

But WDW apparently quietly spread word that they would have a private and FREE showing of Star Tours 2.0 on the morning of 5/20 (night of the 19th) from midnight to 2 a.m. for 250 people who registered first thru The Disney Blog (you know, the official propaganda site for Disney fans designed to one day put places like this out of business).

They even intend to trot out some Imagineers (a source told me Tom Fitzgerald should be one and a 'minor' Star Wars 'personality' will also be on hand).

I've been told that out of 250 spots that 'a good third to half' went to fanboi/soccer mom/bored housewife bloggers. You know, the kind of folks who view Disney as a religion for something missing in their lives and will never diss the company publically unless they're trying to pressure it into giving them more invites etc.

Do you really believe this is just accidental? That these 'no-lifers' as I tend to call them are just living and breathing and Tweeting Disney 24/7, so they have a natural leg up on regular fans/folks?

Or is something more sinister at play?

Again, Disney has NOTHING new coming to WDW in 2011 (its 40th anniversary year) and very little (yes, I'm including the NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW, NEW and -- unlike that flash in the pan Potter brat -- TIMELESS Fantasyland) happening in its parks for the next few years ... which will make them very much like the last few when you think about it.

UNI has already decided to use some of its magic (no caps needed when you provide the actual product and not marketing hype) and, perhaps, upstage WDW with its 5/19 announcement.

So, is this a premptive strike by Disney? Get the social media whores blogging about the MAGIC of a Star Tours redo that's only about a decade or so late? Is it simply a coincidence (just like the fact EVERY thing they do now has any/every website there, even the charity specials)?

Or is it your imagination?

P.S. Hey, Thomas, come post over here and actually discuss/debate/argue with REAL fans ... like the ones who pay your salary, which isn't too puny from what I've heard. Invite the whole team over ... because you know, was here long before Disney ever thought the fan sites were even worth acknowledging .... and now, soccer moms and folks living on disability checks and blogging from apartments that belong on Hoarders are the way you choose to showcase your product?

Fri 5/6/2011 12:29a
And you are surprised by this why???? It has been the modus operandi for a while. Even the European fans (the ones who have been known to send my hate mail) are noticing in Paris, and some are even talking about boycotts because of how lame the Magical Moments entertainment is. So what have EDL been doing this year? Inviting european web masters to forums, and tours of the refurbs, and reopenings of the Molly Brown.

So, this is what to expect for a while. I just wish I had enough stock to oust Iger and put a real leader in.

If you live in California, things are great (or are they - toons.......hmmmmm....), but elsewhere, not so cool.
Spirit of 74
Fri 5/6/2011 12:51a
Yes, I heard about how DLP was holding some 'events' designed to co-opt the fansites in Europe recently.

It just seems palpable that Disney is explicitly using these folks (either sad adults or wide-eyed fanbois) to help push the bar lower and the acceptance for it. It really is right up Zenia's bag of tricks (fans should all start friending her on FB!)

Sitting in the WL today (my fave resort as you know) I couldn't help but see all the ways the product has been Walmarted and the guests ... no gentle way to put this ... they look like they have no business staying in a resort of that caliber. If this were 1991, I'd have said they're staying at a Comfort Inn or HoJos on 192 West. I don't know how they can afford it, but I strongly suspect government contractors and their families (I actually saw folks wearing Blackwater tees in the parks twice last week, which made me want to start saying things that you really don't want to say at a family theme park because kiddies may hear).

I actually have a story I found interesting about a few guests that were complaining ... but I'm only a good 90 minutes past my Spirited bedtime (it's been a VERY long week), so it will have to wait.
Fri 5/6/2011 1:01a
I guess I really wouldn't know about any of that. The only Disney site I hang out at is LP. When I want strictly informational material I will go over to Deb Will's site... no editorial content there.

I've been to other sites and didn't like them a bit. At one site in particular all the "Prayers and Pixie Dust" comments made me want to vomit. I know my viewpoint here is often a minority viewpoint, but that is fine with me. I really like reading what others have to say even when I don't agree with them. Especially when some spirits really seem to know what they are talking about, even if they do seem rather jaded and perhaps even bitter at times...

Fri 5/6/2011 1:03a
Intrigued. It is funny, DLP have given up pretty much on Austria and Germany, but having recently visited their two most popular parks, I can see why. Sure, they do not have the detail of PotC or a functioning Big Thunder (not that Paris has that at the mo either), but in terms of quality of service, attraction capacity etc. they beat out DLP as far as Europe is concerned, and we had a better trip than our WDW one for a fraction of the price, and a real Epcot experience.

As the DLP board is dead, I may do a little write up on the WDW one drawing comparisons to Epcot and DAK. But after this trip, I see little point now going to Epcot other than for Illuminations. Sad really.
Fri 5/6/2011 1:05a
Lol Roadtrip, for all it's foybles, what I have always loved about the LP community is there is a diverse mix of interesting folks who know their Disney and are happy to debate, share and learn. It is probably the most "mature" of the Disney boards.

Sadly though, I do have to go elsewhere to discuss DLP.
Kennesaw Tom
Fri 5/6/2011 6:34a
I don't see this as anything "new" on Disney's part. Disney has always held soft openings for select people. I can remember once being in DAK while the park was closing. Cast members were setting up tables for food and a large group of people ( in dressy clothes ) were riding Everest prior to official opening.
Fri 5/6/2011 7:25a
The competition to get these tickets required the contenders to register on the Disney Parks Blog, did it not? And who actually reads that pile of sludge? Soccer moms and fanboys. With the target demographics of that site, I'm honestly shocked that they only represent a third of the total selected audience for this event.

Do we actually think that 'normal' people are reading the Parks Blog? I consider myself to be pretty close to being a fanboy, and I won't even read it. I don't think that the attendees with accurately represent the Blog's readers, because there will be too many 'normal' people in the mix, which seems to be the opposite problem from your point of view. Either way, just another example of Disney not-so-randomly selecting their contest winners.
Jim in Merced CA
Fri 5/6/2011 8:05a
The problem with the Disney Parks blog is that it's so...fake.

I always think of a blog as being the honest thoughts and opinions of a person.

With this Disney Blog, it all positive, positive, positive -- like a chirpy press release or something. Are the 'bloggers' employed by the Disney Company?

And while there's certainly a place for that type of information -- that TV channel in your Disney hotel room that repeats all the great things to do at WDW comes to mind -- a Disney Parks Blog seems to suggest other things.

Which it is not.
Fri 5/6/2011 8:09a
I find the Disney parks blog, and the D23 stuff all so shallow.

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