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Topic: More New DCA Attraction Posters Unveiled

Tue 10/25/2011 10:07a
>>Yep! Dumbest idea ever.<<

Right? It would save them lots of money to have everyone wear tan Dockers and a blue polo shirt throughout the park, too. Sheesh.
Wed 10/26/2011 2:31a
And yet, they don't do that. There's still themed uniforms everywhere, and if DCA circa 2010-11 is any indication, the uniforms are getting more and more lavish and themed, not less.

Al Lutz has stated that every remaining CM uniform in DCA from the 2001-03 period is getting replaced with a different themed one before Summer '12. Plus all the new themed uniforms they are introducing for Cars Land and Buena Vista Street. Did you see the swanky outfits for the Carthay Circle Theater waiters? Wow!

It was obviously a cheap trend that Pressler and Suzy Cheesecake (AKA Cynthia Harriss) introduced in the 1998-2003 period, among dozens of other cheap and idiotic things those two un-American bozos also tried to introduce in Anaheim, but it's also something the current TDA has noticeably pulled back from since 2005.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they freshen and replace the original 2001 DCA uniforms with new ones for 2012!
Wed 10/26/2011 7:01a
I'm right there with you TP. I think the larger point though, is that what good do those great efforts do, if the end-user is still going to show up in the costume, looking like they just went dumpster diving at the Inn Between. Like a lot of things, I am afraid the genie is out of the bottle on Costuming. Disney didn't want to pay for more walk-time for the CMs so they allowed them to take home their costumes. On the East coast, it doesn't get better than when seeing a Land castmember filling up their twenty year old SUV at Hess.
Fri 10/28/2011 7:00a
I don't know how the numbers really work out, but I've also heard the argument that having CMs wear their uniforms home might not even end up saving money in the long run, because of uniforms disappearing. "I'm sorry you've quit this very stressful, seriously underpaid job. Now would you please make a special trip back to return your uniforms rather than keeping them as a cool souvenir or selling them on eBay. Pretty please."

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