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DCA, Future Expansion
Topic: The Pump House

Fri 11/11/2011 8:12p
Now that the new DCA 'pump house' is out from behind construction walls, it looks great. That is for a structure that has no guest involvement.

I have only seen photos of it and the new area, haven't been there to see it in person yet. It looks great with lots of detail and landscaping. I am sure it will fit perfectly with the new area when all done.

On the other hand it seems a bit odd and may confuse guests as to it's purpose. It looks like it should be a small store or information building or even a washroom. I'm sure there will be more art or information under the wall arches eventually, but people may look for a door. Maybe Disney will add a wait time list for DCA attractions on it?

I understand the purpose is to house some sort of pump(s) and maybe controls for the new fountain - basicly a fancy utility building, but are those things not usually hidden better (at least at Disney)?

I am not complaining and I'm sure it will be fine, just wondering what other people think?
Sat 11/12/2011 8:59a
I have seen some similar comments/complaints on other sites about it's looks/visbility/lack of bathrooms. It seems to me Disney wanted to get an area open in an alredy congested construction zone, adding space to walk, etc., while also giving a "sneak peak" of what BVS will be like. It does indeed look like the information board will go in that currently blank space, and that perhaps additional attraction posters/period signage for the other alcoves. I'm also sure once the rest of the street and Carthay opens, there will be more present and available restrooms in the area.

All in all, IMO, it looks great!
Sat 11/12/2011 9:41a
Any links to pics?
Sat 11/12/2011 9:45a
The pump house will also help to visually close the view away from BVS.
Sat 11/12/2011 9:54a
Here are a couple links to photos:


Sat 11/12/2011 10:08a
<<The pump house will also help to visually close the view away from BVS.>>

I can see that, and trying to imagine ahead when the area is done, the pump house could be providing an 'anchor' to this side of the area - to contain the area and complete it. Without it, the new street would be open to the landscaping and may have looked odd.

Okay, now I can't wait to see it all finished!
Sat 11/12/2011 10:38a
I think that it's a little early to judge how the pump house will fit into the finished area.

As for no guest involvement. Besides it being the information center when everything is done, it might also have more functions for the cast members which we can not see. (guess on my part). Again I think that it is too early to tell.
Sat 11/12/2011 11:29p
Some Imagineers have mentioned (at D23 Expo presentations and such) that the purpose of the "pump house" is to visually fence in the Carthay Circle area and the view south from Buena Vista Street. I'm paraphrasing, but at the D23 Expo presentation on BVS they mentioned that they were trying to hide the panoramic view down the parade route to the storage tower at the Boudin bakery, and to cap and contain the Buena Vista Street environment.

One look at this amazing picture from February, 2001 just after DCA opened makes the point. The pump house area is on the right half of this photo, where the plain metal handrails and curbless flat expanse of concrete is.

My God, I had forgotten how truly charmless and ugly DCA was upon opening in 2001. So cheap and tacky and flat and lifeless. Then they go in and fix this stuff, and the new buildings and broad expanses of replacement facilities instantly look lavish and unique and instantly established in its environment. Amazing how just spending some extra money allows you to make a Disney environment, rather than the types of environments they were building for DCA back in 1999-2000 under Paul Pressler.

And people used to make fun of us DCA critics, saying the place wasn't as bad as we were making it out to be. Look at what they are doing now, compare it to these types of photos, and I almost think I went too easy on DCA and Pressler and Harriss back in those days! HA!
Jim in Merced CA
Sat 11/12/2011 11:39p
Great photo, TP2000.

The Sunshine Plaza or Courtyard, with the metal sun sculpture (that didn't move) and the strange concrete seating area, and the annoying 'California' music piped into the area, and the power lines and views of 'The Inn at the Park' were indeed, quite jarring.
Sun 11/13/2011 12:32a
Yes, Jim, jarring is one word for it.

Certainly the entire park, and this area in particular, has benefited from a decade of growth for the trees and shrubs. You have to factor that in when looking at the photo. But it's the flat expanse of concrete without curbs and streets, the bare minimum of trees planted (which they've just gone back and filled in with even more mature trees in this area that had really filled out in the last decade), the basic street furniture and metal hand rails, just the overall textures and materials and lack of detailing. The whole thing was just flat expanses of charmless junk.

Amazing what just a few more trees, just a few more details on the streetscape, just a few more bucks thrown into architecture and furnishings and light fixtures... in short, just a bit more money can do for a place.

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