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Topic: Tinkerbell 1/2 Marathon (and DL Half)

Sat 1/7/2012 1:46p
Is anyone else running the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in a few weeks? Any word on when the waivers will be available?®-half-marathon-2012

Weird, it says Disneyland Half Marathon 2012 won't be available for registration until January 18, but the above link is active for registration. I'm all signed up!

Sat 1/7/2012 1:47p®-half-marathon-2012
Sat 1/7/2012 6:54p
I'm running and can't wait for the race. Waiting until after for my time then I'll register for the DL 1/2.

I've got my waiver and # only due to someone posting the link on another site.
Sun 1/8/2012 11:23a
oh! I found the link to the Tink Waiver! Cool! I wonder how the the corrals are set up. I have a 3 digit bib.
Sun 1/8/2012 10:58p
According to the program there are 5 corrals. A-E Starting on Disneyland Drive. According to the map: A is near the DTD " walk overpass", B & C in front of the Grand, D in front of PP, E near end of Disneyland Drive / Simba Parking lot.
Congrats to a 3 digit bib number !!!

Hope this link works for you:
Mon 1/9/2012 9:09p
Oh cool! Thanks!

I'm getting excited for the race. Also am curious about the different course from the DL1/2.

How's your training been going?
Wed 1/11/2012 11:54a
<<I'm running and can't wait for the race. Waiting until after for my time then I'll register for the DL 1/2.>>

Last year it filled up in February. If you are 100% sure you want to run, I would recommend signing up now.

The $150 price tag is too steep for me this year. RunDisney, you've finally priced me out of your races. Shoot the Boston Marathon is $150...

The kids races doubled in price as well and they kept them in DTD. No thanks - that stunk last year waiting on the asphalt parking lot for hours with young kids and no entertainment. I hope for the sake of the parents that do sign up their kids that RunDisney will at least have something besides a MC with jokes above the heads of most of the 8 & under crowd to help pass the time.

I'm running the Arizona Rock n' Roll this weekend. Even the Expo prices is $115. I signed up back in June and payed only $80.
Wed 1/11/2012 9:37p
sunNrainfall--The course is definately different from the DL. We "drove" it a few months ago. We get to avoid the charming blocks of granit & marble & tile places that we get to see at the DL 1/2. Instead we get to run by the library, Muzio and through downtown a bit. Mile 10-12 remind me of the DL 1/2. Check out the course map, it's in the official program.
My training is going well--have not stopped like I usually do after the DL 1/2. So I'm hoping for a PB.
Wed 1/11/2012 9:49p
Kidz-nk9s---You are so right about the kids race. It was miserable for everyone. DH was running with our son and I was in the stands with "Granny". It was so loud and we waited 2 hrs to see our little guy run. We are participating in the kids race for Tinker Bell weekend. The holding corrals will be in DCA Pacific Wharf area. At least the kids/parents will have access to the bathrooms and Baby care center for the very young one. We'll see how this one goes before we decide about the kids race 1/2 marathon weekend.
The entry fee is getting very expensive but Disney also know we will it.
Thu 1/12/2012 5:49a
>>If you are 100% sure you want to run, I would recommend signing up now.<<

FYI, registration doesn't open until Jan 18

For the price, it is steep, but I think it's worth it. I just got back from the WDW Marathon Weekend, and had a great time. I only ran the 2011 DL Half, but it did leave some logistic issues to be desired. I'll be running it again for the coast-to-coast this year, but if they don't figure out a better set-up to load the corrals (really? 2-person-wide walkways for thousands of people to get to their spot in under an hour without potty access?), it will be my last. The WDW set up, although requiring a ton of walking, was much much more enjoyable. Plus the DL course just wasn't that great.

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