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Topic: Cadillac Range Waterfall

Thu 4/12/2012 8:17a
Carsland opens June 15 officially and a few days earlier for special events. When do you suppose they will "turn on" the waterfall? I cannot wait to see that! I am sure it will look amazing.
Thu 4/12/2012 10:32a
I dunno - depends on if it's ready to go, I would suppose...
Thu 4/12/2012 3:33p
It might be on right now for all we know. You can't see it from "Mickey's Fun Wheel" where most of the pictures come from.
Fri 4/27/2012 4:51p


Here's a link to the entire story (and other pics):
Fri 4/27/2012 5:35p
Oh yeah, I posted these in another thread, I knew someone had asked about the waterfall, but couldn't remember who.

Looks good!
Mon 4/30/2012 1:53p
Sure does. I wish it was in focus, though.
Wed 5/2/2012 7:09a
How long do you think that bridge is? I'm guessing ten by four.
Wed 5/2/2012 3:07p
Is the water real? I mean the rocks are fake, so why not the water?
Wed 5/2/2012 3:30p
when you look at the Ornament Valley. photo it all looks real except i cant understand the sharp pointed rocks thing they did. they look like a old clasic car up ended. its just fakeness looking to me. set in a natural setting. they did lovely on the color of the rocks. that gives it a better feel to me ( im not a fan at all of this desert i live in.) but i do like the grand canyon coloring. ...where i live. you need to drive 10 miles more into az to start getting enything of color as people would say is lovely. lol this place is drab. yucky lol.
so the color is a positive to me.

we will see if the issue of the lack of the rock venting. will play true to my past coments on land heating this summer.
saving judgment.
sorry i hate gas stations food combos too.
makes me feel its all dirty.
i dont mind getting it to go. but not as a eating envirement there YUCK
Dr Hans Reinhardt
Wed 5/2/2012 3:44p
"when you look at the Ornament Valley. photo it all looks real except i cant understand the sharp pointed rocks thing they did. they look like a old clasic car up ended."

It is odd looking, but the mountain backdrop is simply a reproduction of what's seen in the movie Cars.

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