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Topic: Not sure Luigi Tires are going to work out.

Sat 6/30/2012 12:00a
Salutations All,
We just returned from the DLR and I have to say the new California Adventure is amazing. The theming on Buena Vista Street and in Carsland was flawless. DCA is truly a new theme park. The only thing in Carsland that I didn't think worked that well was Luigi's Flying Tires. I was really looking forward to this ride since the Tires are a re-imagining of the Flying Saucers ride I wanted to ride when I was little. That ride closed before I was big enough to ride it. So I guess I had pretty high expectations when I decided to brave the wait for Luigi's with my son. After about a 50 minute wait (120 minute waits were common the week we were in the park) we got on a tire for a short spin. While the ride looked good we found the tire very hard to move and very slow when it did move. This might be because we weighed too much (275+185), but the cast members definitely strongly encouraged us to ride together. So for us the ride wasn't that exciting. Maybe weighing less or manipulating the tire better may make the ride a lot better for some people.

Your thoughts?

Sat 6/30/2012 12:50a
<<Your thoughts?>>

I think it was EXTREMELY ill-advised for a CM to suggest putting close to 500 pounds combined weight in a single tire.

Witches of Morva
Sat 6/30/2012 5:56a
ORDDU: My thought is that I'm more excited to see MouseBear back in the Laughing Place Pond than I could ever be about Luigi's Tires!!! Hugs, MouseBear!!
Sat 6/30/2012 7:27a
Wow - looks like the tires are way too big - even with only 1 person in them - to move much. As a kid, I rode the flying saucers - small, single rider vehicles. When you leaned, the saucers did not stay level as the tires appear to do (look at U-tube video which confirms my recall). I am so disappointed - was hoping to relive my youth! I figured there would be way more vehicles, which would restrict movement, but hadn't thought about their size. Guess I should be happy I actually got to ride the fabled flying saucers.

Does anyone know why the flying saucers closed? Too little capacity or too many breakdowns? I don't recall a huge line, but as a kid I wouldn't have (and back then, crowds were much smaller anyway).
Sat 6/30/2012 8:30a
The saucers closed because they were always going down.

The reports on the tires are all over the map. Some saying they could hardly get them to move, others saying they were able to get them moving easily (even pretty fast). It all seems to be about balance. First finding the balance so that you're hovering without one side of the tire dragging, and then leaning JUST enough to move but not so much as to make one side hit the floor.

Balance would obviously be easier with one person, but there are reports of duos getting their tires to move nicely. It seems to me that with two, you want to be sure you're not both centered; the heavier person should be JUST left or right of center, with the lighter person farther to the opposite side, to find that balance.
Sat 6/30/2012 11:02p
I've been on Luigi's three times, and had a great experience each time. The first time I was shooting video, and despite the fact I had never been on anything like them before, managed to get my tire moving along.

The next two times were really fun. I would prefer that the tires move faster, but there's only so much speed to achieve before one runs out of surface.

The key for me was twofold: find an open section of the floor and lean gently in that direction. Then, be patient, as it takes a moment for the tire to react. I did see some people leaning about from side to side, not giving the tire time enough to start moving. Once it starts, though, it really does glide!
x Pirate_Princess x
Sun 7/1/2012 12:40a
I agree with Dug. My daughter and I were able to get our tires flying. We held hands and I would shout "left!" or "right!" and we would move.

My 7 year old and I had a little harder time because she is smaller than her sister, but she was also more interested in getting a ball instead of helping me move the tire.
Sun 7/1/2012 8:32a
>Does anyone know why the flying saucers closed?<

There was a problem in the installation of the original saucers, which caused problems with the air vents and the way they would open. This caused the ride to scram repeatedly, and it took time to bring it back online. They finally had enough of it and closed it.
Sun 7/1/2012 11:12a
we watched the tires for a while... people leaning out trying to grab a large ball (most couldn't reach), a couple throwing balls and hitting an accidental target... I worked in industrial orthopedics for several years, Indiana Jones' brutal whiplash raised the hair on my neck... I had the same experience seeing a large ball hit a rider in the back of the head and seeing her head snap forward suddenly, she looked stunned and hurt, the appalled look and gestures of the rider who threw the ball.... turned to my friend, asked "am I missing something here or what the something were they thinking?"
But then I have the same wondering about the soap in the perpetual soap bubbles, watching someone trying to wash the soap from his contact lens stinging eyes... asked a cast member, "don't they use a baby shampoo kind of soap?" "I don't think so", she says... "I've had it in my eyes and it burns"...
Maybe they could open Doc 's Chiropractic center...
I know, my mind just works that way... should have worked for OSHA
Sun 7/1/2012 11:23a
I just don't understand why those beach balls are even needed. Yes, I did get hit in the back of the head unexpectedly with one of those balls at close range. It did not feel very good.

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