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Topic: Who will not be renewing their annual passport?

Tue 11/13/2012 2:26a
"Sorry Tasha...hopefully one day..."

I hope sp too.

"..Cars Land is Great...We went thru the single rider line a might not sit together all the time...sometimes you do...other times one is in the front "

We did this a lot lasy Xmas at WDW too and sometimes the CM's were nice and let both of us ride together. As long as my Husband and i can ride once together it should be fine. I hope you have a great time!
Tue 11/13/2012 7:24p
Tasha..we had a Wonderful time..were there for ten days..our LP Friends...The Parsecs came up from San Diego and spent four days
with us...we went to Mickeys Hall-o-ween party was fun..lots of candy....but really was not worth the 69 dollars a ticket...the parade was really ever the costumes of many of the guests were amazing..the lines for pictures and the rides were just way too long..we did have fun... though...being with good friends always turns the cheek..We had such a fun friend Robbin , another LP'ER spent time with us as well...sharing some fast passes with us kind of her.. too bad I miss you by a day...darn it.. have fun when you guys go...ho ho ho : )
Tue 11/13/2012 8:50p
BTW, this may be off-topic, but do you think there will be any sweet deals this summer? One August my best friend and I spent 3 days at both parks (not with park-hoppers, D-land for 2 days and DCA for the third) for the generous price of 90 bucks apiece. This was about two years ago. Do you think there's any chance of a deal like that popping up in the near future?
Wed 11/14/2012 7:55a
Good gosh, no. Unless the economy implodes between now and then.
Mon 12/17/2012 3:42a
Is a Disney Pass on your Santa Wish-list this year?
hoping the prices do not increase...
Mon 12/17/2012 8:56p
Me neither...
I have to say, I think it is a fair price, all things considered.
But reduced income, old appliances (etc) and the price increase met in the middle and I just can't do it.
We'll be back. Several friends decided to wait until we can all purchase. Hopefully, things will improve for everyone.
Schmitty Good Vibes
Tue 12/18/2012 8:38a
^^^ Ditto
Tue 12/25/2012 11:45a
I agree with TINK, I understand why not, but variations would be cool, we rarely stay all day, we clear out when it gets crowded, and do not add our bodies to excessive lines. We walk rather than use the tram when the lines are long, do we get a "small foot print discount"? ;-)

I'm going to brag... a friend I go with often is renewing my pass. She says she is being selfish (generous soul), we have such a nice time and it is such a complete break from work (home management and other the obligations) where else can you hang out with pirates or get hugged by a giant chipmunk?
Tue 12/25/2012 12:04p
I am surprised at the number of people who think the prices are excessive... I walk around there and while I am enjoying it I see the physical arrangement, the costumed cast members dancing in attendance... every square inch of Disneyland is made for effect and every square inch of it is constructed and maintained, lighted, heated or cooled... cast members training, costumes... transportation of items across the parks, security, insurance, supervision at all levels... a coworker who pays $100's for designer purses complains about a $3.00 soda at Disneyland... it's not Costco... the soda is not slapped onto a shelf, into your basket and into the car... I don't get why people don't get the expense and the numbers of employees never seen who maintain everything from the landscaping to POTC.... I bet a glance at the budget would be mind boggling. In good times or bad it all needs to be paid for.
Like our mayor (LA) who does not understand when the raise taxes and water and power rates, saying it add up to a few pennies per home owner (thanks dude), it adds up to thousands for businesses... why so many are leaving I suppose.
While I might not be able to afford it I think they need to charge what they need to charge to keep it up or all is lost and hundreds of thousands of employees jobless, right?
I walk around and think of the people who complain about the cost thinking, you are kidding, right? Ride the Mark Twain around the rivers of America... POTC, Radiator springs racers, TSM, the fireworks shows and parades, the Aladdin show...... think of what it cost to develop, build, maintain...

Tue 12/25/2012 2:05p
>>think of what it cost to develop, build, maintain<<

The truth is that those costs are irrelevant. Disney will charge what the market will bear, and lately it seems very willing to bear a lot.

Some years ago I read a textbook about doing business with German companies. The book explained that in German culture there exists a concept of "charging a fair price", with the idea being that if a vendor quotes you a price, that said price should be considered "fair and reasonable" from the get go with a reasonable profit margin built in.

The book further explained that if you want to offend your German supplier, all you need to do is ask if they can lower the price. Such a question implies that they were overcharging you, even gouging you.

We like to believe in the US that the "savings are passed onto the customer", but the truth is they seldom are. Hence the phrase "caveat emptor" - "let the buyer beware". Sometimes I think that's the slogan we should print on our money.

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