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Topic: Darth Vader vs. Harry Potter

Wed 10/31/2012 4:29a
Now that Disney is buying LucasFilm, do you think Disney capitalize on that move and finally build a long waited Star Wars land at one of the parks? It truly looks like they finally have that "Potter Swatter" to take on Universal and the enormously popular Harry Potter franchise. The question is, will they do it? They could also possibly capitalize more with Indiana Jones as well. Something tells me that something big may possibly be coming to Orlando in a few years...
Wed 10/31/2012 6:47a
<< The question is, will they do it?>>

I'll add another question to this:

Will they do it in a timely manner?

I think that yes, there will be a Star Wars expansion coming to Orlando. The question is will they do it fast enough to capitalize on the momentum?

Disney hasn't shown the ability to move quickly on projects at all. Heck, since they bought Pixar the only big US project just opened a few months ago.

If we have to wait 5+ years for a Star Wars addition, it's not going to carry the same punch.

Universal has shown they can fast track a build, considering we should have 3 new E-ticket attractions built and open in the next 18-20 months.

Disney has the ability and resources to do it as well.

Come on, mouse. You shelled out for the properties. Now DO SOMETHING with them.

I want my geek paradise to finally be realize! Harry Potter, Transformers, Spider-Man, Star Wars land, Indiana Jones Adventure, and Disney living in harmony.
disney pete
Wed 10/31/2012 6:49a
Im hoping so maybe in MGM studios Star wars land would be great,also hoping as theyve splashed out all this money hope they don't get all penny pinching again and when they make a new movie its far better than the last 3.
Wed 10/31/2012 6:52a
They don't have to do it fast to capitalize on momentum. They can time it with their own created momentum as the new episodes are released.
Wed 10/31/2012 7:22a
Either way, it's awesome. Star Wars and Indiana Jones have longed belonged in the Disney family, IMO.
Wed 10/31/2012 7:33a
<<They can time it with their own created momentum as the new episodes are released.<<

New episodes? If you're talking about the movies, I doubt that will ever happen. If you're talking about the cartoon show, I don't think anyone cares.
Wed 10/31/2012 7:39a
^^^They've already announced Episode VII is coming out in 2015.
Wed 10/31/2012 7:48a
Episodes VIII & IX too.
Wed 10/31/2012 7:50a
Yup. Gonna be interesting to see what route they take with them. A very exciting time indeed.
Wed 10/31/2012 7:56a
Hmmm, Ewok land at DAK. Perfect fit?

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