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Topic: Reviews of the Earl of Sandwich

Sat 11/3/2012 9:45a
So, seeing the LP Live pic, I'm guessing this is a popular place.

What's the scoop? What's the menu, how good is it? Do us "evil APer's" qualify for a discount?

Inquiring minds and stomachs want to know.

Sat 11/3/2012 5:07p
The sandwiches are wonderful. I highly recommend the limited time holiday turkey with dressing and cranberry sauce.
Sat 11/3/2012 5:41p
I've eaten there twice, once in Las Vegas and once in London. Both times it was very good. At DLRP it wasn't open yet to try it.
Witches of Morva
Mon 11/5/2012 8:49a
ORDDU: My sisters and I have sampled the sandwiches at Earl of Sandwiches for years in Florida at the Down Town Disney they have there. While the sandwiches are certainly good enough, they don't seem to be THAT much better from what you can obtain elsewhere.
Mon 11/5/2012 5:41p
We were at DTD on Saturday and the line was 45 minutes. There is no way I'd wait 45 minutes for a sandwich so unless the novelty wears off at some point, I may never know how good the sandwiches are! I wouldn't wait the 45 minutes AND I had a coupon for a free sandwich since my son's birthday is today! I did get a menu and didn't look at the actual sandwiches but the prices looked reasonable (unless the sandwich is a finger sandwich). There were items in the $6 and $7 range.
Mon 11/5/2012 6:52p
"unless the sandwich is a finger sandwich)."

From what i remember i think they are on the small side.
Tue 11/6/2012 10:49a
The sandwiches are about 6", like one of the Subway sandwiches. But, the bread is much better. They are good sized sandwiches, honestly, especially for the price.
Witches of Morva
Tue 11/6/2012 5:08p
ORGOCH: If'n ya really wants the best sand witch they ever was ya gots ta git yerselves ta the nearest beach!! Er don'tcha already know???
Mon 11/19/2012 10:17a
We ate there while we were there the first week in November. The sandwiches were very good and they do offer AP discount.

My wife and I also enjoyed the tomato soup! Very good!
Mon 11/19/2012 10:56a
My husband and I actually had lunch there Saturday. There was a wait, I didn't time it. But since our plan was to see Lincoln at the theater at 4pm, we figured we'd be through the line well before then. We had the seasonal Turkey sandwich which was delicious and filling and the Earl Grey Lemonade which may become our drink of choice there. We'll be going back to try other offerings.

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