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Topic: Did anyone win????

Tue 11/27/2012 11:37a
My question to all of you is if anyone won either the AP Candlelight Processional sweepstakes or the Carland preview last June. I have yet to meet anyone who has.

I did not win either and was really interested that after we received the "You did not win" email, Disney immediately followed up with You can purchase packages for that particular event.

Maybe I am a sore loser but if anyone can tell me they won either event, I will leave it alone.
Tue 11/27/2012 12:15p
I won ticket to Mon Dec 3 at 5:30om Candlelight. Some friends won Candlelight for Dec 5, 13 and 17. So there are winners out there, Virginia.
Tue 11/27/2012 8:08p
I did not win either. I didn't get a follow-up e-mail with package info though...could you post the info they gave you on how to purchase a package lawdawg?
Tue 11/27/2012 9:15p
I put in for 4 performances - the 5th, & 6th, 5:30 and 7:30!

Zilch !! :(
Wed 11/28/2012 7:23a
I did win the Cars Land preview back in June. I did not enter for the Candlelight Processional since I live out of state and the dates didn't work for me.
Wed 11/28/2012 8:46a
I did not win the AP Candlelight Processional sweepstakes but a good friend of mine did so I will be going with them.
Wed 11/28/2012 10:14a
I entered for all dates and times...

Won for December 13th, 5:30 PM.
Wed 11/28/2012 11:34a
Won Carsland Media Day tickets. Was incredible.
Also won tickets to CP.
Wed 11/28/2012 11:48a
Sorry PrincessJenn I fumbled and thought they were offering a dinner/ticket package that I had seen earlier in the email they sent.

Thanks for the results guys. I am truly glad that at least somebody won even if was not my family.
Wed 11/28/2012 1:04p
We won for Dec 4rd at 7:30 and were thrilled as we have not won an AP event thing yet.

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