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Topic: Candlelight Processional?

Fri 11/30/2012 1:13p
I did not win the AP lottery for the Candlelight Processional, and I know they are not doing dining packages this year. Does anyone know if I will still be able to see it? Can guests just watch it, like the parades, or was winning the lottery the only way to see it?
Fri 11/30/2012 3:41p
It sounds like everybody will still be able to go for the standing-room viewing in the street through Town Square. In the past, the crowd control has been somewhat unpredictable, but with the additional nights this year, they'll probably have some sort of system worked out for getting in to the viewing area.

Like Fantasmic!, the second show is generally easier to get a spot for.
Fri 11/30/2012 7:11p
Thanks Ferret!
Fri 11/30/2012 7:16p
I have to say I don't like the expansion of this. Really kind of ruins Town Square. It needs a theater.
Fri 11/30/2012 7:51p
I totally agree! I hated being at DL during processional weekend. I am really bummed now; I'm not sure I'll ever go again in December.
Fri 11/30/2012 9:20p
I hope those bummed do stay away.
Fri 11/30/2012 11:43p
True...not everyone can be a ray of sunshine like yourself.
Sat 12/1/2012 8:36a
Will be interesting to see how Candlelight will do..for 20 days, we always have enjoyed the is well done and well received...I agree an out door or indoor Theater would be ideal ... Wonder how it would do if it was in The Theater in DCA.. we will be there in mid December for ten days.will have a good look how it fairs.
Sat 12/1/2012 10:57a
It will be interesting to see if Candlelight is a madhouse every night (like the first showing of Fantasmic) or if the increased nights spread the crowd out nicely. I can see it going either way; Candlelight is highly popular among AP's (and a lot of people will want to see the various celebrity readers), and yet it's not a "spectacle"-type show like Fireworks or F!, meaning that once or maybe twice per season may be enough for most people.

It's uncharted waters for DL and it will be interesting to see what happens.
Sat 12/1/2012 12:22p
The interesting thing about the Candlelight Processional is that it goes against the grain of how Corporate America approaches Christmas these days. Unlike with the bland and generic "Happy Holidays" which has become the norm, Disney is not only specifically celebrating Christmas, it has made what is essentially a partial recreation of the midnight Christmas Mass into the centerpiece of its celebration.

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