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Community Discussion
Topic: A year without Disney

Sun 12/2/2012 9:57p
I think next year is going to be a year without Disney for us. Although Ann has again found full time employment, she has been without it for most of the past year. I've decided I should really replenish savings next year to make up for what I've taken out this year. You like to tell yourself that with DVC it doesn't cost anything, but that is not true.

Our two options were another Disney Cruise or a visit to DL. A Disney cruise provides all food and lodging at no cost, but getting to Orlando, transfers, liquor charges, souvenirs etc. would run at least $1,000. DL would be more expensive. We would get our lodging at no cost but we would have to buy both park tickets and food. There is also the expense of getting to Los Angeles which is more expensive than getting to Orlando. I figure those items would run at least $2,000.

Oh well... I've been to WDW over 25 times in the past 20 years, DL 3 times in the past 6 years and on a Disney Cruise for each of the last three years. Our last cruise and visit to WDW were just last October. I'll live.

We've decided to visit the Colorado Rockies next year and do mainly sightseeing stuff that doesn't cost much. It will also help me save up my DVC points so we can take the week-long cruise we've been talking about for the following year.

Hope the withdrawal doesn't hurt TOO much!
Mon 12/3/2012 5:40a
I also have been pondering "no Disney" next year.....
Could visit Arizona (where I want to retire).....or take my new husband to my hometown in Tennessee......and of course there are tons of other options....
But, if I were to go one year would be a first in 15 years....not sure I can (or want) to
October sure was nice in DL...
A Happy Haunt
Mon 12/3/2012 6:24a
Adventures by Disney does U.S. Tours as well. Have you looked into that?
Mon 12/3/2012 7:19a
I fully understand RoadTrip! Using the DVC points is nice but it's all the other expenses of getting to the parks and expenses there. With the jump in AP prices our DD and her family are also taking a year off (or at least trying to :)

I'm not knocking Disney and hope this thread doesn't turn into the usual ranting against the parks.
Mon 12/3/2012 7:38a
>>>October sure was nice in DL...<<<

We went in October and it was probably the most crowded I had ever seen the park. Several people we know went around that same time and said the same thing. Were you there during the week?
Mon 12/3/2012 7:40a
I've been thinking of a no Disney year too. After our last trip, and the massive crowds, I am just not sure it's worth it.

However, we are planning a trip to San Diego and we will be driving right past DL. Entry is free for us so it seems a bit ridiculous not to go for a day. We'll see....
Mon 12/3/2012 10:22a
<<I'm not knocking Disney and hope this thread doesn't turn into the usual ranting against the parks.>>

That would be my hope too. I love the parks and I ESPECIALLY love the Disney Cruises. If I was fed up with Disney I would sell my DVC points, and I'm not about to do that! It's just a financial thing. It looks like the current storm is over... time to rebuild my savings for the NEXT rainy day!
Mon 12/3/2012 11:18a
Just finishing a one year and two month hiatus ourselves. I must say; I am choppin' at the bit to hit the road.
But we proved it CAN be done;o) I will admit this was our 4th try at taking that year. We actually made it this time.
Finances played a major roll in our decision as well. But through it all we managed to find our dream motor home. A 1984 yes, but in excellent condition and low milage. How better to break it in than a trip to Disneyland?
Best part, no hurries. Our reservation starts tomorrow but we are leaving today, taking the 101 instead of the 5; stopping whenever and wherever we so desire.
You will enjoy Colorado. We have plans to meet up with an old friend of mine and do Yellowstone, Rushmore and the Grand Tetons this summer. Neither of us has seen any of those.
Mon 12/3/2012 11:58a
We were at DL October 25-28
The Halloween party was crowded but so enjoyable
Kennesaw Tom
Mon 12/3/2012 12:43p
I was at WDW two weeks ago after perhaps a two year absence. Disney is still fun. I think my biggest gripe is that everyone seems to hold Disney to some standard but doesn't mention that everything in greater Orlando and Kissimmee is expensive, food, hotels, tolls and all. WDW doesn't exist in a vacuum. Prices have gone up accross the board in Central Florida. I didn't stay at my typical hotel this trip. Instead I tried out a hotel in Kissimmee that everyone raves about. The place was awful. Now, I'm shopping for a timeshare.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to get back to WDW!

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