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Topic: Latest: Video: Test Track 2.0 and Test Track Old / New Side-By-Side

Mon 12/3/2012 10:03a
This topic is for Discussion of Latest: Video: Test Track 2.0 and Test Track Old / New Side-By-Side

The new Test Track officially opens on December 6th. Orlando Attractions magazine had the opportunity to ride it and has uploaded a full HD video. They've also created a video showing the old and new versions side-by-side.

Click below to play a video

Mon 12/3/2012 7:30p
This is going to be fun, my son can't wait.
Thank you
A Happy Haunt
Tue 12/4/2012 10:19a
Much better!! wasn't this where you dodged the cow?
Tue 12/4/2012 11:26a
Well, the old version had lots of real props and was much brighter inside. However, it made the show building feel kind of empty since you could see what was coming up.

In the new version, we get lots of painted flats and projections and no real objects. I kind of miss the real objects but the projections do add to the feeling of a different place. Its almost like your in a video game. I like how the lighting is better hidden and it doesn't feel cheap like the original.

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