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Topic: Latest: Picture: Disney Releases Image Related to Avatar-Land Development

Thu 12/13/2012 3:24p
<<Who knows. Has anyone actually scene the movie? I'm serious>>

Really? It is one of my favorites. I loved the book by Kenneth Grahame - IMHO it is as good as anything by AA Milne, Lewis Carroll and JM Barrie. It is such a wonderful set of tales and Toad is one of the greatest literary characters - so immensely likeable despite his obvious faults.

The Disney version is far from perfect - it shares similar distortions to Disney's take on the Alice books. However it tried very hard to keep the original characterizations particularly the mannerisms.

Does that mean you haven't seen Ichabod Crane either?
Dr Hans Reinhardt
Thu 12/13/2012 4:33p
Of course I've seen the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. If I'm not mistaken it used to be shown on the Wonderful World of Disney during Halloween back when I was a kid, and the full version is on Youtube. Come to think of it I should check there for Toad.

Thu 12/13/2012 6:24p
>>I was going to ask you Doug if you have ever heard Baxter tell that tale himself. I've never heard anyone from the original project tell it as it has been documented elsewhere.<<
I have heard him talk about Eisner's involvement vis-a-vis "Splash," but I have never heard a "gospel" version. But yes, Tony has said that Eisner wanted to make this about Splash. Bear in mind, they started pitching this attraction to management some five years before its long-delayed opening.

>>That is re-invented history. Though Eisner did want it to have the word "ride" in the title.<<
On what basis is this assertion made? It sounds so confident that I am sure there must be some sort of corroboration available.

>>I didn't know there were a lot of negative comments running around about TLM.<<
I haven't heard a lot, but the vast majority of those I have run across have been on the internet.

I think the idea of "reinventing" in this attraction was the amalgamation of omnimovers with the classic movie-based character ride. It gives the attraction a much bigger capacity, but it certainly loses the charm of the individual vehicles. With the exception of the Under the Sea room, I believe the producer and designers made best use of this technology with the sets and story (as it is). I have already stated my objections to Under the Sea. I believe it could be remedied with dimmer lighting and more characters-- more action. The dimmer lights would also make it possible to truly "spotlight" Sebastian, who is a pretty sophisticated little character.

The other big failing (and even the Imagineers would be inclined to agree, I think) is the awkward way they dispatch Ursula. There were apparently a lot of attempts to handle this. It reminds me of the Disneyland finale of Snow White. Abbreviated.
Thu 12/13/2012 6:24p
Oh! I have also seen Ichabod AND Mr. Toad.

And Avatar, for that matter.
Jim in Merced CA
Thu 12/13/2012 10:03p
The only Michael Eisner story that I recall, is that he was instrumental in changing the name of Disney-MGM Studios E-Ticket attraction.

Originally "Great Moments at the Movies" to "The Great Movie Ride"

Fri 12/14/2012 2:20a
Brought to you by Sears.

Or not.
Fri 12/14/2012 8:27a
<<Originally "Great Moments at the Movies" to "The Great Movie Ride">>
That is accurate.
Fri 12/14/2012 2:32p
"The only Michael Eisner story that I recall, is that he was instrumental in changing the name of Disney-MGM Studios E-Ticket attraction."

E-Ticket? I would never waste an E-ticket on that ride. A C, yeah. Maybe a D.
Fri 12/14/2012 3:16p
I like both Nemo at Epcot and Monsters at California Adventure. They aren't great rides, but they aren't bad either. While I really enjoy Peter Pan, Alice and Toad, I think the other "classics are pretty forgettable.
Fri 12/14/2012 5:17p
<< While I really enjoy Peter Pan, Alice and Toad, I think the other "classics are pretty forgettable.>>
I agree with RoadTrip.
The other two "classic" dark rides in Fantasyland are in a word, BORING.

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