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Topic: Latest: Picture: Disney Releases Image Related to Avatar-Land Development

Mon 12/10/2012 1:24p
<<Just going by Google trends, Avatar 2 trends below 3 subjects related to Avatar: The Last Airbender, a Nick cartoon that hasn't been on for years.>>

Come on Skipper - that is weak. Why would anyone be Googling Avatar 2 today? I'm sure stories like "Kate's nurse" and "Crist Democrat" are trending at the moment but that doesn't mean that they will be top of the pile even tomorrow.
Kennesaw Tom
Mon 12/10/2012 1:24p
<<New technology is great but only if it is the only way to tell a compelling story.>>

I'm going to have to disagree.

What makes Toy Story Midway Mania so good isn't necessarily the characters. It is the technology behind the ride.
Mon 12/10/2012 1:27p
<<Which is a problem with Avatar. The characters and story were very lackluster.>>

But it has the visuals - that world is highly immersive. I think all of the Star Wars films have cardboard cut-out characters and weak stories but that doesn't mean they aren't loved in my quarters.

Ideally you want all three - story, characters and visuals - but if not one out of three will suffice if you can spin it into a compelling experience. Both Atlantis and Treasure Planet are perceived to be poor movies - but they are visually spectacular IMHO. That would be sufficient to take guests to those worlds even if you don't care about Milo Thatch or B.E.N.
Mon 12/10/2012 1:27p
<<Why does the IP need to be loved? It doesn't. There are plenty of examples from within the Disney universe of IP being used that wasn't successful or accessible - like Song of the South for Splash Mountain.>>

Right, but Splash Mountain wasn't called "Song of the South Log Flume", and is one ride, not an entire land.

When you base an entire land off a property such as Avatar, you're banking on people going "I need to go see that. NOW."

<<I'm sure a lot of kids back then had only a fleeting knowledge of the character. Spider-Man is an incredible attraction due to the tech.>>

I'd disagree there. Spider-man became the most popular comics character outside of Batman in the 90s, and had a very successful Saturday morning cartoon during that time.

<<I just don't buy the assertion that the average consumer hates Avatar.>>

Oh, I don't think most hate it. I just don't think most particularly like it all that much either.

And even then, going to see Avatar 2 is much different than dropping a grand to go to WDW to ride a ride.
Mon 12/10/2012 1:29p
<<Come on Skipper - that is weak. Why would anyone be Googling Avatar 2 today? >>

I dunno. But more people are googling a defunct cartoon than it.
Mon 12/10/2012 1:31p
<<What makes Toy Story Midway Mania so good isn't necessarily the characters. It is the technology behind the ride.>>

Really? I don't think that the addictiveness of the gameplay is driven by the tech - it is driven by the fact that the characters fit each game. I don't think the tech is any real leap above either existing theme park experiences or games that can be played at home. All my humble opinion of course.

My preference is always for tech to be the enabler - once it has enabled it needs to disappear seamlessly into the background - like IJA's jeeps or the Soarin' theater.
Mon 12/10/2012 1:31p
<<I've not seen the movie and have no intention of ever doing so - not my bag at all. However to deny its box office performance is ridiculous - folks saw it over and over again. I just don't get the love within the fanbase for Star Wars and Indy which can't even come close to Avatar's success (Phantom Menace is down in 11th on the all-time global chart).>>

Yes, but Star Wars is a FRANCHISE with fans spanning 2-3 generations. Avatar is a single movie with a fairly monolithic fan base. I know several of the Star Wars movies were not very good but I loved them anyway... heck... it was STAR WARS. I just don't see that type of feeling associated with Avatar.

With a Star Wars Land I would go see it just because it was there. Avartar Land would have to get FANTASTIC reviews before I would bother. Sure, I'd still go to Animal Kingdom because I think it is wonderful park. But that doesn't mean I visit all the lands when I'm there. I rarely go to either Camp Mickey-Minnie or Dino-Rama. Why bother spending big bucks on a new land if it isn't going to bring in additional customers.

Give me a Beastly Kingdom with Joe Rodhe totally in control of design. THAT I would see!!
Mon 12/10/2012 1:33p
<<What makes Toy Story Midway Mania so good isn't necessarily the characters. It is the technology behind the ride.>>

Midway Mania is "so good'!?

Sorry, couldn't resist.
Mon 12/10/2012 1:34p
<<When you base an entire land off a property such as Avatar, you're banking on people going "I need to go see that. NOW.">>

I think it is a fine line between an E-Ticket experience like Splash and an entire land. Avatar Land isn't going to be a land with 5+ attractions - it is more likely to be like Cars Land. i'm with you - I hate seeing a single property define a land - mini or otherwise (which is why I'm not a Cars Land fan) - I love the open narratives of the original DL lands - Fantasy, Adventure, Frontier, Tomorrow.

Splash's theme can be seen throughout DL's Critter Country and even its plot at MK. It doesn't scream Brer Country but it is there.
Kennesaw Tom
Mon 12/10/2012 1:35p
<<And ultimately we won't know the answer until Avatar 2 appears in theaters - if it ever does.>>

Which is another problem. Cameron is taking his dear sweet time in creating promised sequels. Why should Disney bank on something that Cameron doesn't seem to committed to repeat.

Heck, Cameron is coming out with a Cirque Du Soleil movie. Where in the heck is the next Avatar sequel? I would feel more confident about a proposed Avatarland if Cameron demonstrated some intrest in his own sequel project.

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