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Topic: Limited time Magic (Ideas)

Sat 1/19/2013 3:32a
If you were given the budget of lets say $80,000 for a limted event at WDW,what would be your idea ?

I would get Walt's model for the E.P.C.O.T and put it in one of the defunked buildings at Epcot with projected videos of walt and his imagineers talking about their ideas for Epcot.
Sat 1/19/2013 4:08a
I'm not sure what I would do. In a way, the very concept of LMT is inherently flawed. The things that guest really want to see are somewhat expensive (new shows, parades, attractions, etc), and need some prep time to get them ready. given those two factors, it's really tough to create anything exciting on a really limited budget. Plus, there's that whole problem with trying to get guests to book a trip long before they know what their limited time event will be.

The more we've seen of this event, the more obvious it becomes that it was based on DL's Family Fun Weekends in early 2011 (in the Festival Arena), which they did as an alternative to a parade, since there was a large repaving projet on Main Street and they were prepping for the new Soundsational parade. While those were cute, I wouldn't even say that *they* were a rousing success with most guests. They returned in a more limited format last year for Lunar New Year (on small world mall) and Mardi Gras (in New Orleans Square).

These events sort of worked, because they were weekends-only in a park that is really known for having a strong local demographic. They can decide on a last-minute visit easily, and will get excited about a relatively minor, cute-type addition. When comparing it with what WDW guests want in their vacation, they want to know what they'll have available on their visit many months in the future, and coming from such a long distance they want something with a little more oomph to it.

As silly as their promotions have been, I really can't fault WDW for doing a terrible job with this one. No, it's not anything that I would book my vacation for (or even go much out of my way to see it while I'm there), but I really can't think of anything else that they could do. They were handed a terrible campaign from corporate, and are doing their best to meet it, while also sending the message that they aren't terribly interested in it. It's enough that the guests will get *something*, but done in such a way that it tells the corporate marketing team, "Hey, you suck!" Hopefully the campaign will be merficully cut short (doubtful), or the corporate people will get the message and finally do something somewhat meaningful for the parks.

Given that previous campaigns had relatively limited in-park budgets (a couple decorations and a handful of free tickets), I wonder how the budget for this one compares overall. It seems like it's much more expensive from an operations standpoint than anything they've done in recent memory (short of 100 Years of Magic with the 4 parades or the Millenium Celebration with its additions ot Epcot)
Sat 1/19/2013 4:29a
I agree that WDW is suffering from a terrible promotion. Besides the terrible title (someone should be fired for it), this promotion is really meant to draw in locals. It seems that it could work well at Disneyland. In fact if I lived in Cal or WDW did a Horseshoe week I would head to the MK to see it. But with a audience base mostly made up of tourists, this promotion does nothing to bring guests into the parks in Fl. It makes me wonder why Disney is so bent on having a promotion each year when the past couple have really been non-events.

As for what the could do? They could take a week and celebrate EPCOT's 30th anniversary and put together props, films, costumes, pictures at World Showplace.

They could celebrate Figment for a week

They could reopen the Horseshoe for a week of shows in the MK

How about finding all of the large blow up balloons they used at the EPCOT afternoon shows, gather together all of the hot air balloons they created over the years and do a Disney Balloon week.
Sat 1/19/2013 4:54a
Magic Kingdom:
flying Dragon once a night
Sat 1/19/2013 6:15a
The dragon would be neat, but they would have to do it on a 'limited' basis, meaning that guest who didn't visit during that period would likely never see it. Granted, that's a heck of a lot better than the current setup (where not a single day guest has gotten, or will get, the chance to see it), but it still leaves something to be desired.

I also think that some retro Epcot stuff would be neat, but I wonder how much it would appeal to the 'average' guest. Over my last couple visits, it's become more obvious that they're trying to make Epcot its own brand of sorts (which is great, coming away from the 4 parks 1 world concept), which I really like but it didn't seem that others were all that attached to it. They could try and do what DL has done over the last 7-8 years and get the guests completely obsessed with the park's history at the expense of it moving forward, but I'm not sure how well that would play with the average WDW visitor, who has only been a couple times in their life.
Sat 1/19/2013 1:17p
I think it might have been neat to do things not when they were expected. Run the Christmas Parade and Not So Scary Halloween Parade not at those times. They already have the floats. And people who can't travel at those times might appreciate being able to see them at some other time.

I also wonder if it would be possible to re-open closed areas for a time. Like the Image Works at the Imagination pavilion, Cranium Command/Body Wars. I'm not sure what the actual state of those facilities is.

The Studios used to have guest celebrity appearances. They have enough people under contract, they should be able to get some new, younger generation people to make hand prints.
Sat 1/19/2013 2:11p
1) get the quartet they used to open for beauty and the beast back for as. Long as possible

2) put said group in western wear and put them on horseshoe stage

3) bring back the swan boats

4) offer select unique merchandise like they used to have in each shop

5) offer reasonably priced photo packages including five picture of your family at five unique places in WDW

Sat 1/19/2013 4:20p
Swan boats and unique photo packages would be awesome
Sat 1/19/2013 7:46p
Swan Boats would be cool but I don't think they would work anymore since both the Adventureland and Liberty Square bridges have been flattened.
Sun 1/20/2013 4:16a
I also think the Swan boats tracks were removed years ago. And who knows where the boats are at the moment

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