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Topic: Latest: J.J. Abrams Set to Direct Star Wars Episode VII

Thu 1/24/2013 2:35p
This topic is for Discussion of Latest: J.J. Abrams Set to Direct Star Wars Episode VII

According to the Los Angeles Times Hero Complex blog, J.J. Abrams will be the director of Star Wars Episode VII to be released in 2015

Thu 1/24/2013 9:30p
Let's hope there will be no Jar Jar Binks.
Thu 1/24/2013 11:55p
I can live with the decision, if the rumour is true.
Fri 1/25/2013 1:26a
There will be lots of lens flares if JJ directs!

No-one has ever rebooted two major franchises before so it will be interesting to see how different he can make SW compared to his ST flicks (although I guess Jonathan Nolan is involved in Superman).

It could be nice and awkward for Iger. He was the one that refused to give Bad Robot (JJ's production company) a new deal at Disney so he was forced to split his business into two (Paramount for the movies and Warner for TV) - this was after creating a raft of great TV for Disney like Alias and Lost.

I can only think that they have thrown a lot of cash at him. Ultimately the success of SW7 will come down to the script and the production design. I'm not sure having one director over another is as important here.
u k fan
Fri 1/25/2013 1:31a
I kind of feel that the SW franchise is bigger than a single director so I'm not sure how much difference this makes. It's good to have a quality director, but as Leemac says script and storyline etc. will be more important imho!!!
Fri 1/25/2013 1:34a
So Fringe, one of my favourite TV-Shows could have been from Disney?

Why didn't Iger extend his contract?
Fri 1/25/2013 1:36a
@ Ukfan:

I'm not worried about the script, because it's from Michael Arndt. He was responsible for the scripts of Little Miss sunshine and Toy Story 3. Both films are fantastic in terms of dialogue, characters and story, at least in my opinion.
Fri 1/25/2013 2:17a
I like
Mr X
Fri 1/25/2013 2:20a
I occurred to me today, after a quick google search, that I really don't care for and/or don't care about anything Abrams has done - with the POSSIBLE exception of Trek but I have big problems with that too ( had its' moments).

I'm not convinced this will be all that much better than with Lucas behind the wheel - perhaps that is one bolt of lightening that just can't be re-caught.

Fri 1/25/2013 6:26a
"I'm not convinced this will be all that much better than with Lucas behind the wheel."

The fact that Lucas is not writing the script means it has to be somewhat better than the three turds the prequels turned out to be. Like dagobert said, Michael Arndt can bring story, characters, and dialogue to a film. Add heart and humor and you have everything the prequels lacked.

I loved Lost. I loved Alias. I loved the Star Trek reboot (I never cared about the original but I'm a huge nerd for ST:TNG). JJ can screw up at times, but I am cautiously optimistic now. I just worry about a guy when his plate gets too full.

Also, my first thought when I heard this was...let's build a time machine so we can tell a 14 year old JJ Abrams that he'd be simultaneously directing Star Wars and Star Trek films. And not in his basement.

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