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Topic: Latest: Bob Iger Responds Strongly to Congressman Markey's Criticisms of MyMagic+

Fri 2/1/2013 11:21p
"I've been to HHN the past 2 years and went to Uni the month after Potter opened and never felt like I needed Express."

At Halloween i was at Uni Hollywood and waits for the mazes were over 2 hours and the express passes were all sold out. In Orlando the Express passes cost $100 a person and waits were up to 3 hours for popular rides including single rider waits at Hulk. I guess i havent been lucky with Universal.
Sat 2/2/2013 12:00a
What's wrong with giving resort guests better access?

There should be SOME benefit to shelling out hundreds of dollars a night to stay at one of the Disney hotels.

The way it is now, the benefits you actually get out of a Disney hotel does not justify the cost, IMO.
Kennesaw Tom
Mon 2/4/2013 10:49a
Careful, lets not boo hoo the Disney resorts and hotels. Disney has resort rooms for most price points. On my recent trip to Orlando this past November I stayed off property at a deeply discounted hotel/motel that advertises heavily. My motel room was more like a crime scene from CSI Orlando, it was so dirty. After that experience I'm more apt to get a timeshare. Given the degrading condition of non Disney, off property hotels and the erratic traffic patterns of the highways in and around Orlando/ Kississimme, FL I can understand fully why visitors ( even Florida locals ) prefer to stay on Disney property during visits to WDW.
Kennesaw Tom
Mon 2/4/2013 10:59a
I came to the conclusion that the over riding factor for most folks to stay off property was either trying to save money or they were looking for a hotel with a pool that rivals the size of Lake Erie. Hotel room size has not increased in the Orlando/ Kissimmee area in generations. But, the pool size for hotels has increased dramatically. Disney did themselves a huge favor when they built the 3rd largest pool in Florida at their Art of Animation Resort.
Mon 2/4/2013 11:34a
You can disregard the pool size as the main draw for staying off property......and besides one would likely go for quality of pool over the sheer gallons of water in it.

Money concerns overwhelm any other explanation to nearly all when deciding on vs off property for a WDW vacation.

Mon 2/4/2013 1:19p
There's not one single "affordable" onsite hotel in Anaheim.
Mon 2/4/2013 4:52p
> I think the distinction between EMH and MyMagic+, and what's causing the "does/doesn't affect guests", is that one (EMH) doesn't take away anything from non-resort guests. Sure, it give a benefit to on-site guests, but it's not a loss to the others<

Except that it means that when the park opens to day guests people are already in lines. Same thing with MM+. For early entry, there may be 142 people in line for Soarin when the first non-resort guest can get to the queue. So 142 seats end up being "unavailable", plus whatever FP slots get taken by resort guests who are standing by the FP machine when it goes live before a non-resort guest can get there.

That's no different than 142 spots being taken up by people making reservations while sitting in front of their computer screen at home. Obviously, MM+ will affect every hour, not just the 1st hour, so its effects will be greater. This is mostly a "could we say EMH has a 'minimal effect' and not "no effect," please," post.
Tue 2/5/2013 9:09a
The Jeff Goldblum line from the movie "Jurassic Park" comes to mind - sure, they can build a system that will reserve rides or dinners or upscale adventures for a guest willing to pay whatever Disney or Universal wants - but is that something they really want to do?

If such a system leads to frustration or discord among "regular" guests or even AP holders, then is that a system that the parks would want to impliment?

Getting an extra Fastpass or two seems like something that could be done in such a way as to not impact "regular" folks, could it not? Even reserving premium spots for light shows or other performances seems like it could be tolerated to some point - but how much is enough and how much is too much?

Sure, there is no getting around the fact that human nature being what it is, that "regular" guests spending a long day waiting in long standby lines will feel frustration from watching the "entitled" guests run by them all day in FP lines or gain restaurant reservations unavailable to the "regular" folks or get reserved seating at the light or water shows.

I believe at this point that no one sees where all of this madness might end and perhaps that is the cause for concerns of all types regarding the new reservations/entitlement/upscale charging technology.
Kennesaw Tom
Tue 2/5/2013 10:28a
<<That's no different than 142 spots being taken up by people making reservations while sitting in front of their computer screen at home. Obviously, MM+ will affect every hour, not just the 1st hour, so its effects will be greater. This is mostly a "could we say EMH has a 'minimal effect' and not "no effect," please," post.>>

Another distinction is that at least with EMH, each day starts with a clean slate. Each day everyone gets a chance to get a Fast Pass. With MM+, people will be reserving Fast Passes months in advance. Which ultimately means there may be no Fast Passes available during your trip if you didn't reserve them in well in advance. Much the same as how now thanks to the Disney Dining Plan it can be difficult to impossible, to get a sitdown table at most, and specifically some of the restaurants in the Disney Parks if those hadn't been reserved well in advance of your trip.
Tue 2/5/2013 1:59p
I believe that WDW really doesn't care about its AP holders. The pendulum has swung back and forth from full embracing them with special events and lounges to not really caring that they are there at all. I think we are at that place right now.

As for the day guests. I believe that Disney thinks that the new system will push more people to stay on property so that they will not be shut out of pre-selecting FP times months in advance.

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