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Topic: LP Lotion: Princesses Will Call Fantasy Faire New Home in Disneyland on March 12

Tue 2/5/2013 11:08a
This topic is for Discussion of LP Lotion: Princesses Will Call Fantasy Faire New Home in Disneyland on March 12
Doug Marsh gets an early look at the new Fantasy Faire area coming to Disneyland on March 12th.
Tue 2/5/2013 7:42p
Oh, we all know how this is going to go. This area will be completely over-run constantly causing mobility issues and a lot of angry families who can't understand why they have to wait for hours on end just so their kids can meet a princess. I can't wait to see the angry queue lines.

So, what happens to the Fantasy Faire actually located in Fantasyland?
Wed 2/6/2013 4:42a
It's fine by me if this area becomes a congested clusterflop. That means that congestion will be removed from other areas of the park, and relocated to this out-of-the-way location.

The old Fantasy Fair location will return to its old self, as a working theater that can put on shows for thousands of guests at a time. Mickey and the Magic Map will debut in late spring/early summer.

Am I the only one a little concerned that the "semi-private" meeting quarters might not be isolated enough from each other? I know that the space in the Fantasyland Theater didn't have full height walls, but they also only had one set of princesses. It might ruin the magic if you can hear the conversation on the other side of the wall, since they'll have duplicates of the same princesses here.

And does anybody know if the new princess shop will mean that one of the locations within Fantasyland proper might change its merchandise selections? I know that's probably wishful thinking, but I'm not sure we need 3 stores within 100 yards of each other all selling only princess merchandise.

Overall, great update! I can't believe how far along they are already, especially on the interiors.
Wed 2/6/2013 11:35a
Ferret, it was explained by Lutz several months ago that there were going to be two identical meeting corridors on each side of a solid wall. I think this excellent photo essay by Doug shows just one of those corridors, with the little alcoves for each princess along that corridor being described as "semi-private".

Semi-private is also used to describe recovery rooms in hospital wards, which might be apt for this concept.

Personally, I'm THRILLED with this Fantasy Faire concept and its execution. The Plaza Gardens was an unused dead corner of the park, filled in with flopping tartlets and thuglets in sequins and heavy makeup doing the latest bump-n-grind routines to pop songs under the direction of various "Dance Studios" from the suburbs. Barf.

The previous afternoon use of this otherwise dead space. WOOHOO! GO MADISON!

And evening swing dancing, which was a more gracious use of the space than its afternoon tenants, was also aimed at a tiny minority of park visitors. Mostly AP's who came in and camped out for a few hours regularly.

Fantasy Faire puts all this previously under-used space to excellent work, and with a princess boutique and snack bar the space also become revenue generating where before had just been AP's nursing Cokes all night as their big expense, and suburban tartlets performing for their chaperones.

Let the stroller brigade descend on this previously dead corner and duke it out amongst themselves. Gotta get that picture or the entire childhood is RUINED, after all.
Schmitty Good Vibes
Wed 2/6/2013 12:23p
Great coverage Doug.
Wed 2/6/2013 2:37p
I can appreciate this project from a architectural point of view (despite the fact the whole meet+greet concept falls completely flat for me) - It looks like they are applying the same level of detail .. found in the Buena Vista Street shops and restaurants. It's coming alone nicely. Someday ... I'll have to check it out in person ... just before closing of the park, when all the princesses and such .. have gone away for the evening (Get lost! ;-) ) - but the area still open .. to roam through. And check out the fine details of the structures. Thanks for a great report! :-)
Wed 2/6/2013 2:41p
Oy vey - I pity the poor Ops cast members that will have to police this concept! I'm struggling to grasp how that space will handle anything more than light crowds.
Wed 2/6/2013 2:42p
>>...there were going to be two identical meeting corridors on each side of a solid wall.<<

Yes, I get the concept, but that's not what they appeared to build. They have two sides that guests can walk through, but they're not completely isolated. If you check out this photo, it shows that the walls go up about 7-8', and have a gap about 3' high before the ceiling, where the chandelier hangs over the walls:

Now check out the first photo here:

The area at about 10 o'clock (assuming the fountain is the center) is the same area shown in the first photo, showing how both sides of the experience will share this space, even though the guests will only visit 2 of the 4 bays. It may end up not being an issue once you add in the other noises and background music that you'll hear in there, but it just seems like a very strange design choice to me.

Then again, it also seems strange that they released a floor plan that so blatantly shows that there will be 2 separate sets of princesses.
Wed 2/6/2013 2:48p
<I'll have to check it out in person ... just before closing of the park, when all the princesses and such .. have gone away for the evening>

That's probably how I'll see it too, next time I'm back.

Is the Figaro on the windowsill going to be an AA? That and the mechanical music box I'd like to see, as well as the buildings themselves. The rest I'll leave for the intended audience.
Wed 2/6/2013 8:35p
I hear ya Lee...though I was at DL Christmas week and they handled big crowds/long waits for the princesses along Small World mall pretty well. I think in general DL does a good job of running long queues in tight spaces. That said, I'm sure the initial crowds will be long, like everything else brand new at DL as the locals descend on it for their first look.

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