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Topic: Say goodbye to the Stark Expo plan (?) - I hope!

Tue 2/5/2013 7:46p
Of course ... anything Al Lutz says .. must be taken with a grain of salt ... but here it is for your reading enjoyment:

Marvel, no.

"Meanwhile, here on the opposite coast, plans for a Marvel based thrill ride repurposing of the Innoventions building at Disneyland were quietly put on hold. We’ve outlined in the past just how radically Cars Land and the newly successful DCA have re-arranged traffic patterns and visitation levels at both parks, filling area hotels with big spending tourists and drawing curious day-trippers alike. Those changed visitors patterns held firm through the extremely busy Christmas weeks, and Anaheim’s 10 year plan went under a second look from the suits in Burbank and Anaheim as they tried to figure out how to best leverage the new reality of the wildly successful Anaheim property. All of the major pieces are still there in that 10 year capital plan; hotel expansion near Downtown Disney, additional parking to complement Anaheim’s planned streetcar line, a strategic plan to keep improving DCA cosmetically in the Hollywood Land and Paradise Pier areas, plus new rides in a remake of Tomorrowland and park expansion pads beyond the berm behind Frontierland and Critter Country.

The plans to put on hold this winter’s closure and repurposing of the Innoventions building, the attraction that everyone loves to hate, aren’t as dire as they sound though. There’s a realization that as DCA’s attendance grew by over three million new visitors in 2012, with Cars Land only open for half of that year and sucking over a million away from Disneyland, that Disneyland needs more than just new parades and one-off attraction additions in the next ten years. The executive team is recalibrating when the big money gets spent in Walt Disney’s original magic kingdom and is pooling their resources to go after a big Tomorrowland overhaul that would open all at once in a grand Cars Land type reveal, rather than in bits and pieces over several years like the New Fantasyland project in WDW has been doing.


Sounds like Disney is not happy with the returns of WDW's New Fantasyland. Can I say - DUH?! ;)

So, makes you wonder - Is STARK EXPO canned for good?

Not knowing the content of the actual attraction idea .. and only going on the films ... with perhaps plenty of "plugs" to the Iron Man himself ... I say - Good bye!

I think their previous plan for the carousel theater location - Tron ... is more futuristic - more fitting for the land.

I only mention TRON over other ideas .. because we know Disney loves to clone everything! And if it's a go in Shanghai ... why not Disneyland (?).

So ... I'd like to run with Lut'z momentum .... believe the success of DCA 2.0 will usher in better and more lavish ideas for Tomorrowland.

All I can do ... as well as the rest of us .. is - Hope.

And my next question would be - Who's working on concepts for TL?

Any particular one .. who's been forced into semi-retirement??

If Lutz is accurate .. and they don't do a remake of TL in piecemeal .. but more like they did with TL'67 .... I would think that would take less time to build.

Seems to me .. temporary entry/exit points could be done for the only 2 attractions in TL that really matter right now - Star Tours, Space Mountain. Just a wild thought.

I don't know whether to get excited ... or be like that robot in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. ;)

Things aren't looking so rosy ... when WDI continues with it's venomous, and poisonous levels of politics and disdain for one another. And lay off their best talents. How can that toxic environment come together ... and allowed free-reign to be creative?

Thoughts?? Anyone??

Tue 2/5/2013 7:51p
The only spaces in Tomorrowland that are not busy are the carousel building, the 3D theater and the Starcade space.
Everything else is always busy.
Now everyone agrees they should move the rocket jets back to their original location, that would take care of some horrible crowd flow problems, along with finally tearing down the never to be used again Peoplemover/Rocket Rods track.
But who needs another 3D film when you can see one in your local theater?
As for the carousel building, I say just tear it down so they can start from scratch.
Tue 2/5/2013 7:55p
I agree with every word you say! Yes .... tear down the P.M. tracks ... BUT build a new track for a new ride that could circle Tomorrowland .. like the PM did.

That would make a lot of us happy ... and give TL the kinetic energy that it needs .. and has been sorrowfully missing.
Jim in Merced CA
Tue 2/5/2013 8:00p
Kill Autopia
Tue 2/5/2013 8:01p
>>the 3D theater<<

I like this concept .... where it seems the 3D theater is toast:

It looks like an open plaza ... big enough to handle crowds.

The bad in that idea .... it's less attraction capacity in a park that needs it. If only they could create something other than a 3D film.

Yes ... 3D films are common place. No longer venues only found in theme parks.
Tue 2/5/2013 8:10p
I love Jim's idea .....

THE LIST ;-) .........

* Kill Autopia
* Kill the 3D theater
* Kill Innoventions
* Kill Starcade
* Kill Astro Orbitor
* Kill the remnants of Cosmic Waves
* Kill Observatron
* Kill Redd Rockets Pizza Port/TWA Rocket
* Kill Coca-Cola Tomorrowland Terrace
* Kill the PM tracks - since they've become useless per Cal/OSHA

There now! A nice clean slate to work with!!

Wishful thinking:

* Kill the Nemo Kindergarten show in the lagoon!
* Kill the battery operated toy taking up residence in the Circle Vision building!

Imagine this clean slate .. where the only rides that still exist .. is Space Mountain, Star Tours, and the Monorail.

Nice thought .. aye?
Tue 2/5/2013 9:11p
Buzz Lightyear is lighthearted fun. Leave it in.
Tue 2/5/2013 9:33p
Oh ... I don't think it will be going away at all. So .. no one needs to worry.
Imagine what Lasseter would have to say about that?!

But if you wanted a Tomorrowland that sticks to it's name-sake ... Buzz should bite the dust.

We're not going to become cartoons in the future .. now are we?

I don't like a Tomorrowland that is a perpetual "Peter Pan" Complex ... All you do is just "play like a kid with your FAVORITE cartoon characters."

That may be find in the land called FANTASYLAND ... But in the land of tomorrow .. should be a place that resonates for the growing "adult" in the child.
Tue 2/5/2013 9:58p
<<Things aren't looking so rosy ... when WDI continues with it's venomous, and poisonous levels of politics and disdain for one another. And lay off their best talents. How can that toxic environment come together ... and allowed free-reign to be creative?>>

I take it you didn't pay close attention to these two parts of Al's article:

"If only to prove how quickly things can change in the Disney empire, WDI execs returned from their Christmas break to quickly huddle and then directed their teams to figure out how to clone as much of Cars Land as possible so that it could open at Disney’s Hollywood Studios park as quickly as possible, aiming for a late 2015 debut (nearly three years to the day after New Fantasyland officially opened). TDO execs were also told to stop value-engineering the project into a smaller footprint with fewer offerings and let WDI do their work. And since the James Cameron alliance that was supposed to bring Avatarland to WDW within the same timeframe is going nowhere fast, and may not even show up in a theme park at all at this point, WDI is thrilled to dig in and start real work on an accelerated plan to bring Cars Land to Florida."

"The biggest target in the coming layoffs will be the business park offices around Celebration, Florida, where dozens and dozens of Vice Presidents and Directors have set up fiefdoms with bizarre executive titles far removed from the core business of running a theme park or a hotel. The Imagineering group in Glendale is also being asked to take a hard look at their large pool of well paid executives, and it’s partly for that reason why Disney celebrity Tony Baxter was given a golden parachute at the age of 66 and allowed to gracefully step into semi-retirement instead of facing an HR firing squad later this spring."

Rumors are now flying that the Avatar project for DAK is DOA, and the funds will be allocated for Carsland instead. Combine that with the directive that WDI trim their workforce, and you're looking at another high profile Imagineer with nothing to work on, who is now conveniently a prime target for forced retirement. Yup, Joe is supposedly on the short list.

Tue 2/5/2013 10:07p
I caught it.

Not the best of times .. is it?

Yet .. I'll have to admit .. Lutz's words on the immediate future for the DLR are looking a bit brighter.

Not so sure what to make of things.

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