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Disneyland General
Topic: Seasonal work at Disneyland

Fri 2/8/2013 9:13a
Does anyone know how seasonal work at Disneyland works and what/when those seasons are? Also do you know if this is any good but cheap housing during these times for it out of Townes? Thanks for your help.
Fri 2/8/2013 9:27a
Don't know about the first part, but the answer to the second part is ...

In Orange County? Are you kidding?
Fri 2/8/2013 4:06p
<< In Orange County? Are you kidding? >>

I thought Anaheim was all about affordable housing? At least that's what I heard from a city council member. :-)
Fri 2/8/2013 4:10p
I was wondering this same thing because I am retiring and would like to work at DL. How far out would be an hour commute or less?
Fri 2/8/2013 4:30p
>>How far out would be an hour commute or less?<<

With Southern California traffic? Euclid Street.

But seriously, that would cover most of Orange County and a chunk of southern LA county. Depending on what time you're on the road, of course.
Sat 2/9/2013 9:20p
As a seasonal/casual cm, you would most likely get the most undesirable work hours - which means, you would probably be driving in non-rush hour traffic.
But still, try to stay within 30 miles of DL and close to a freeway.
Sun 2/10/2013 8:48a
A friend of mine tried this back in 2007 and wrote up an article about it (see link below). From the sounds of things, you would be doing well to break even. Also don't expect to get your "dream position" but rather you will have to take the spot that they are needing to fill as you will be lowest on the totem pole and a temporary worker where they will not want to do a lot of training.

Sun 2/10/2013 6:00p
^^^ Wow - what a great story! That's just the kind of thing that so many people speculate about doing "someday," but that day never arrives for most.
Sun 2/10/2013 8:39p
That was a really cool story
Sun 2/10/2013 9:25p
Yes, count me in for having the same "work at Disneyland" dream. I have met so many wonderful people who live in the Disneyland area and many great cast members, too. I really want to be a part of this family. I'm still trying to figure out where I could live though.

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