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Community Discussion
Topic: Are the boards viable anymore?

Sat 3/9/2013 6:08a
I was just perusing some old topics and noticed how many topics there were and the amount of people that participated in them. Today while there are a few outliers, the participation has really slowed down. Maybe it's just people have moved on.
Sat 3/9/2013 7:07a
Pretty much the same with any board I visit. Facebook.
Sat 3/9/2013 9:30a
Has Facebook become the Walmart of social media?
Jim in Merced CA
Sat 3/9/2013 10:51a
Don't frequent LP Facebook page
Sat 3/9/2013 11:49a
My experience with Facebook has remained pretty civil. I have not friend-ed everyone on the planet so it is a pretty controlled group. I do wish there were a limit of how many kitten and dog "shares" that are allowed. :-)
Witches of Morva
Sat 3/9/2013 1:48p
ORDDU: For some the Laughing Place pond is still viable. For others it is not. Over time people either continue to be encouraged by the friends they make here--or discouraged by the enemies they make. Just as with society as a whole, people either shun those whom they don't get along with--or they keep coming back for more of what and whom they like.

ORWEN: It does seem like a lot of ducklings have left, though. Some people just don't have the time to keep up with each other.

ORDDU: There seemed to be more comraderie back in the early days of Laughing Place. I think Doobie was more in charge at the time and kept a tighter reign on those who tended to insult others or lack proper manners when it came to communicating with others.

ORWEN: Plus--as time goes by--it seems people are less tolerant of each other. But that's everywhere--not just here.

ORDDU: So, for now, this coven continues to visit the Laughing Place pond--hoping to enjoy the left over ducklings that continue to splash about. Hoping for more tolerance and love to be displayed among members...

ORGOCH: Got a contract out on somebody here?
Sat 3/9/2013 2:06p
I really like LP and will probably always be here (sorry). Some here like me, some probably hate me. Doesn't make me much difference. The conversation is enjoyable and the information is good. Much better than hearing on Facebook what someone is having for dinner...

I spend time on Facebook too, but it is a whole different deal.
Sat 3/9/2013 2:26p
I agree with RT, the reason I come to LP is for good discussion. It seems that there currently isn't a whole lot of Disney theme park stuff to discuss (other than Shanghai, which is still a couple years from opening), since almost all of the existing projects have opened and there's not anything significant in the pipeline.

I'd rather have a relatively quiet discussion board with really good stuff on it, than one that has a ton of posts that are all garbage. I'm not pointing any fingers, but it's quite easy to find any number of the latter type. LP seems to be an exception to that

And I spend a decent-ish amount of time on Facebook, but that's almost an entirely different set of topics than LP. On FB, I keeping up with the news of my friends; here I'm keeping up with real(ish) events that have a more wide-reaching impact (yes, I realize how innane some of the discussions can be at times, but I think it still fits)
Sat 3/9/2013 3:38p
There's a little more to it then that, Witches. When LP first started it was based in California. Almost all of the posters knew each other on a personal basis and made no secret that they were not at all impressed with those outsiders that found their way in once Doobie moved east.

Some of the "attacks" were unwarranted, but some were a retaliation at being left out of the conversation so many times by the "insiders".

Some of us, like myself, were thicker skinned and just kept hanging around. Over time the originals left because, I think, LP was no longer their own private playground and those awful outsiders were actually arguing with them about stuff.

I'm not saying any of this is right or wrong in the sense of how it happened, but as an outsider that in many ways I still am 10 years later, it didn't always feel real friendly toward us.
Sat 3/9/2013 3:49p
Yes. That. I've been here for nine years, and in the beginning it was far more cliquish. I actually enjoy LP much more now.

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