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Topic: TODAY show exposes GAC pass abusers

Fri 5/31/2013 6:52a
I'm glad Disney is cracking down on this practice.
Fri 5/31/2013 7:28a
I am hoping Disney takes as hard of a stand as posible without breaking any laws... IMO, the GAC should be only good for one person who is disabled and one guest, doing that will take away the incentive for most people to try to cheat the system...
Fri 5/31/2013 7:51a
< IMO, the GAC should be only good for one person who is disabled and one guest>

I disagree. If my wife and I take my daughter (who has a disability) to DL, we should be able to experience the attractions together while still accommodating my daughter's unusual needs.
Fri 5/31/2013 8:03a
Well....I personally want to slap Mara and Ryan!
Fri 5/31/2013 8:19a
I am glad that Disney is going after these guys!
Fri 5/31/2013 9:40a
How sick, hopefully this comes to a end. These people should have their GA passes revoked. Funny how these guides need GA passes, but when someone is paying them they can somehow walk quickly all around Disneyland.
Fri 5/31/2013 9:49a
Just looked at a buch of adds on the O.C Craig's list, quite a few adds.
Fri 5/31/2013 11:06a
Sometimes the wait in those SAP lines look longer than the regular queue.
Fri 5/31/2013 11:11a
With lines as long as those in the video, I have a hard time believing these people walked right up to the front of every ride. I've seen the SAP line for Pirates all the way out past Blue Bayou, and the SAP line for Peter Pan all the way to Toad's entrance.
Fri 5/31/2013 11:26a
Just sad, really. While I'm hoping Disney cracks down on fakes, and misuse, it's just another front in the "cheat" wars, and it's something they're never going to truly put an end to. So long as there are rules, there will be rule breakers...

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