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Topic: Slightly Used Wand For Sale ...

Spirit of 74
Fri 6/1/2007 8:28p
Yeah. It's big.

Yeah. It's ugly.

But it comes with pixie dust and a certificate of authenticity. (oh, and you pay the shipping, naturally)

And since John Stamos likely can't afford it after the divorce settlement, it can be yours because ... drum roll, please ...

As of this fall, that hideous monstrosity that has tarnished the grandeur of SSE since 1999 will be headed to the trash heap of history.

Yep. This time it's more than rumor.

The wand is coming down.

Siemens has hated it from the start. The only way they wanted it was if their name (honestly) was what was on the sign. You knew Disney wasn't going for that.

So it's coming down ... about seven years too late, but at least it is.

When SSE comes back from its major redo this fall, look for the original sleek look.

Fri 6/1/2007 9:18p
YAY! They're doing a lot of work all over the front of the park. The ugly Leave a Legacy add that surrounds the mirrors on SSE is going soon, as is the kiosk that they sell the photos from. They're also doing some major work reconfiguring the security checkpoints at the front of the park into a much more functional design. I'm eagerly awaiting all these changes!
Spirit of 74
Fri 6/1/2007 9:29p
^^Yep. Forgot to mention the reworking of the entrance area/security.

Fri 6/1/2007 10:17p
Spirit, That is great news and it makes perfect sense...Now what about that ugly big old hat? Could we possibly hope in time that someone will finally realize these giant icons aren't all that great? Sometimes bigger is better but this AIN'T the case....Actually though in reading different threads I am getting the idea that WDW might getting its act back together very slowly....Hope I am right...
Sat 6/2/2007 4:39a
You know what thought strikes me? It's not if the wand is staying or going but how willing Disney is to alter their visions for the mighty corporate dollar. One would have to ponder if Walt Disney would have buckled completely to an outsiders money. He, in many instances, didn't even care about his own money much less someone else's. Look what corporate money has altered, that we know of, Figment and Imagination, World of Motion and Wonders of Life, just to name a few. No corporate support, no attraction. This from one of the largest corporations around. You'd think they could afford to keep it going on their own, wouldn't you?

For all of you that got your knickers in a knot over the wand, congratulations your favorite entertainment establishment has allowed some corporate geek to dictate the artistic content of WDW. It's a happy day.
Sat 6/2/2007 5:36a
Sorry about that final paragraph. It was totally unnecessary and nasty sounding. I didn't intend to put it exactly the way it came out. It is just that it is a real concern of mine, that Disney is for sale on every level. Regardless of my like or dislike for the wand, I just hate to see an outside corporation calling the shots for our beloved parks. Good or Bad!
Sat 6/2/2007 6:32a
<<<One would have to ponder if Walt Disney would have buckled completely to an outsiders money.>>>

There originally was a brassiere shop on Mainstreet. I don't think that was part of Walt's original plan. Much of the original Disneyland was shaped by corporate sponsership.
Sat 6/2/2007 7:05a
While I ceertainly understand Goofyernmost's points and can agree with a lot of what he is saying.....I for one am glad this eyesore is going away.
Sat 6/2/2007 8:19a
"It's a happy day."
Yep, its a happy day. I think that wand looks dumb. We all know what mouse rules the land. We never needed his disembodied parts to help us remember. As for the corporate sponsor thing I think that is exactly the way Walt would of wanted it. Epcot is supposed to be a showcase of talent sponsored by big companies.
Sat 6/2/2007 8:26a
>>>There originally was a brassiere shop on Mainstreet. I don't think that was part of Walt's original plan. Much of the original Disneyland was shaped by corporate sponsership.<<<

Well, there was at least a couple of good reasons to have that shop. They were deserving of return support. I could go on and on but in the interest of good taste I will "let it go". :-)

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