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Topic: employee discounts

Tue 6/5/2007 7:16a
The block-out dates apply to the Blue and Silver Main Gate Passes so neither the CM nor their Guests can sign-in on those dates using the Main Gate Pass. I haven't worked at the Park in several years, but it used to be that CM's (Casual Regular and above, not CT's) could sign themselves (all by themselves, no Guests) in with their Company ID any day with the exception of a few select dates like July 4th, New Year's Eve, etc. This privilege was only for Disneyland Resort CM's, not just anyone with a Company ID. I am not sure if CM's can still do that. Either way, the block-out dates that Ursula mentioned apply to the Main Gate Passes.
Tue 6/5/2007 3:00p
Thanks for your response. I am not sure what we will do for sure when my DH retires but it is still a ways off.It was just a thought he had. He just doesn't want a basic security position.There's to much experience under his belt for that.
Tue 6/5/2007 3:17p
Thanks for the info, Ima!

I know I used the Silver Pass more than 12 times last year, but of course I used it just for myself and sometimes for my sister/niece.

People who sell this blessed perk should be shot, in my humble opinion.
Tue 6/5/2007 8:59p
Personally, if and when I retire I wouldn't want a role like head of security. They work lots of hours for little pay and no overtime. If I could, I'd pick an hourly role once I retired and then I'd be able to leave my job at work instead of taking it home with me. Many of our CM's at the Main Entrance were retired and they liked being able to greet Guests and have fun without loads of extra responsibility like being awakened at various hours of the night. :)
Tue 6/5/2007 9:00p
And Ursula, I'm totally on board with the shooting thing! It used to really make me mad... :)
Wed 7/30/2008 11:57a
So does anyone have the blackout dates for the Silver Pass? My stepfather and mother both have one and said I could bring friends with me (I've had an annual pass since before I could and still do) who aren't so big about spending the money for it. Thanks.

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