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Disneyland Trip Planning (Reading Combined Sections)
Topic: Super Shuttle vs. Disneyland Express Bus

MM mommy
Tue 9/18/2007 3:03p
We're going to Disneyland next week. We fly into LAX sometime after 9:00 pm. I still haven't booked our transportation yet. We're not going to rent a car (too expensive). It looks like my choices are the Disneyland Express bus or Super shuttle. Which is more convenient? We are traveling with a 20 month and a 4 1/2 year old. I want to avoid bringing car seats. I'm not sure how either transportation works. Does Super Shuttle pick you up at the hotel? (we're staying at the Tropicana Inn) Is there a general bus stop? Any advice you can give would be helpful.
Tue 9/18/2007 3:41p
I prefer the Disneyland Express service as compared to the Super Shuttle.

Mainly for consistancy.

Here is a link to a discount coupon, make sure you print out one coupon per person.

The buses are "Greyhound" style with arm rests and individual seats, along with a bathroom in the back, just in case.

The buses go directly from LAX to the Disneyland Hotel, then to the other hotels in the area.

The problem with SuperShuttle is the unknown factors.

The drivers try and fill up the van before they leave, so they can drive around the airport multiple times, and if they get a full load, you are squished into the bench seats.

Then there is the chance of dropping off one or more parties at their homes before getting to the hotels. Not sure if you want a scenic tour of the neighborhoods of Garden Grove or Buena Park that evening.

And have you checked rental car rates, I like, since it will show the available discounted rates based on your actual dates of travel, you can get some good dates.

My preference is the Rental Car first, then the Disneyland Express bus if coming from LAX. A taxi is my choice if you fly into John Wayne/Santa Ana/Orange County or Long Beach airports, after renting a car.
Tue 9/18/2007 4:22p
I would also check the laws - you still may need Carseats in the supershuttle or taxi as they are really just vans. in California the laws are 6 or 60lbs. Not sure if you are in Ca or not but you may want to check...
Tue 9/18/2007 4:24p
I do not believe that the super shuttles provide car seats and they are just large passenger vans so we always go with the Disneyland Express as it is a big greyhound type bus and you do not need a car seat for it.

Although I once had a fine experience with the one of the shuttles, the last times I took them we had the experience of driving through the neighborhoods of Anaheim dropping off other passengers before they took us to our hotel and it took forever. I didn't feel very comfortable either as I had no idea where we were.

I definitely prefer taking the Disneyland Express with other people and although it does not go directly to your hotel, it at least goes directly to the Disneyland Resort area.

My kids who are 4 and 9 like that is is painted with characters and that they get to sit up really high.
You can get schedules and even a coupon for the bus at the website Darkbeer has provided.

We find that unless we need it for other things, renting a car is really quite a hassle, especially with the need for car and booster seats.
Tue 9/18/2007 7:31p
mm mommy- i just called the super shuttle folks this week. i was told that the driver would not refuse to board us without a car seat. they would tell me the car seat law for ca but would not say that they blessed travel without the carseats. the dl express is a full size touring bus and so you are not required to have car seats at all. and even if you did i don't think there would be seat belts to secure them with. our little travelers will be 11 months 2 years and 8 years. i vote bus and do without the hassle of lugging the car seats around. i am also for no driving while i'm on vacation. general info phone number for the dl rsort express is 714 978 8855. there is a voucher on line for $$ off. actual cost should be $21 adult and $13 3 years old and over. that is round trip. oh here is the toll free 1 800 828 6699. web site
Tue 9/18/2007 8:03p
Does anyone know how the Disneyland Express bus works for returning to the airport (i.e. where do you pick it up at?) Also, does the bus drop you off at your hotel or is there a bus stop? If there is a bus stop, where is it located in relation to the Tropicana?
Tue 9/18/2007 8:14p
Pretty sure the Bus Stop that is next door (in front of the Best Western Park Place Inn) is the pick up point for the Tropicana. So just a few yards from the front lobby.

You call Gray Line and give them your flight information, and then they let you know when you need to be in front of the hotel for pickup to make sure you get to the airport in time.
Tue 9/18/2007 8:28p
Thank you everyone for all your info. We used to live in CA so getting to DL was a lot easier. I'm going to book the Disneyland Express. It sounds like the easist thing to do.
Tue 9/18/2007 8:37p
We have taken the DL express twice and the third time will be on Wed. We stayed at DLH the first time (first stop) and the Tropicana the second time. The Tropicana bus stop stops right in front of the BWPPI and that is where they pick you up. From LAX I think we were one of the last stops.
So far the bus has been right on time and reliable.
Wed 9/19/2007 3:29a
I am glad I ran into this one.We were going to do the "haggle" with a shuttle to get there but from SNA for $44 on the express for 4 of us is well worth it.Thank you Darkbeer for the info.

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