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Topic: Baloos Trip report including some pictures

Wed 3/12/2008 1:24p
Yes Bloona we got everyone who was with s to have a look and told them all now you know what Bloona looks like it was unkanney.
Wed 3/12/2008 2:03p
lol, thats brilliant, you made me smile
Wed 3/12/2008 2:19p
Did I miss the Disneyland pics, or are they coming up?
Wed 3/12/2008 2:20p
Well UKFAN, Disneyland is a much smaller scale than the other parks with double the attractions and double the entertainmet. To me that is what makes it so much fun! I think the scale of the MK is too big. DLP is awesome. But DL is magic. This is why dome UKers are sometimes disappointed with DL (but I know you will love it!)
Wed 3/12/2008 2:26p
Cassidy, big hugs to you and your!

Thanks for all the words of encouragenent, I am glad the pics are being enjoyed.

Smedley - fab is a good word for the trip, but here are some words I would use - awesomeness, magical, touching, heart warming, reaffirming, friendship, laughter, happiness ever after!

bloona - told you we thought of you!
Wed 3/12/2008 2:30p
Hi jonvn, there are 2 days of DL pix in this thread. The rest may have to wait until the weekend.

I am currently on the train (had a youth theatre governance meeting this evening) and have to be on another train to client site in 7.5 hours!

Oh and jonvn, maybe wecan catch up next time!
Fri 3/14/2008 4:37p
Well, sorry about the delay guys, it's been crazy! Day 2 at DL was totally awesome.

We were up and ready to go for the LP train meet. As we met up with the LP posse, we were greeted by the very cool iamsally in the cutest train engineer outfit. Man, she was awesome! And everyone turned out in force. It was wonderful (we really miss you all). The goody bags were dispatched, and the train whistles did blare as we all but filled a carriage on the train. We boarded for our tour around the magic kingdom, with an extra special trip through the Grand Canyon and Primeval World. iamsally flattered me greatly by quoting an LP comment and putting them on the bags - wow! I was overwhelmed!

Did I say how much we miss you all?!
Fri 3/14/2008 4:50p
Mikey was so happy to be with his beloved pirate brittany. As we got off the train, iamsally and Mikey got a chance to go up on the tender (while the rest of us played with Eeyore for a while. Although I am not a pooh fan, seeing a manic depressive donkey always seems to bring a smile to my face.

Then on to Casey Jr. The queue was quite lengthly, but it is so great waiting with our friends, a real chance to get to visit while waiting. Murfsmom handed out animal crackers to all of us waiting Monkeys. So much fun.

We then said adeu to meet up for an intimate lunch that we had preplanned for a while. Off to Goofy's Kitchen where we had a blast. Food was average, but the character experience was excellent.

After being stuffed, we made our way back to DL for a Pirates Meet.
Fri 3/14/2008 4:51p
^^^Yes and we miss you guys too.
You just have to make it to the international meet in '09.
Fri 3/14/2008 5:03p
When we arrived at Pirates, we discussed the water trick. So all the biggest LPers sat at the front of the boat. In doing so, I got drenched (honestly, wetter than on Splash Mountain!). We also managed to create quite a wave!!!

Then on to Pooh. But as some of you heard, this is now the Winnie the Pee ride. Much to my embarrassment, Mikey had a little accident on PB's lap - oops. While PB, Mikey and co got changed, we had the pleasure of bumping into Deogges Mom and Dark Beer. The coolest thing meant I could give DM a birthday hug in person on her birthday. It was great.

Then on to the Mansion. I am so proud of my goth kids. They loved it as always! And it was wonderful in some ways as all the Mansion guests seemed to be regular visitors - we were all able to recite the portrait room speech together. A real blast!!! I would feel sorry if there were any mewbies, but as soon as people started to whisper it, the volume got louder and louder. It was like being at a rock concert with everyone singing along. Awesome (ness)!

Next it was time to seperate for a little while. While many headed to DCA for some thrills, we took the kids into tomorrowland (as was once upon a time) for a little Buzz and Star Tours action. Pure joy! Star Tours seemed to be a walk on all the time. A real shame, we all love it (though I think Jess was miffed a little as she is too short but rides in Paris). So while the two Star Wars addict boys got their fix, mama and jess helped Buzz savethe universe. Although I like Buzz, I do miss America the Beautiful!

Then over to DCA for the Corn Dog meet and DEP.

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