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Topic: Baloos Trip report including some pictures

u k fan
Sat 3/15/2008 1:15p
<<<seeing a manic depressive donkey always seems to bring a smile to my face.>>>

I always enjoy our meet ups too!!!
Sat 3/15/2008 2:50p
I've never seen Eyore manic. Isn't he just always depressed?
(I know that in recent years he has been portrayed with a smile on his face. Makes me mad; just like when the Cookie Monster has to eat vegetables before he has a cookie.)
Sat 3/15/2008 5:39p
Day 3, a real adventure. Originally we had no major plans to see our LP friends. But this soon changed. How could we see Aladdin without the uber fans.

We decided to go for a slow start, opting to get us all a pair of embroidered ears. While deciding what to do next, Murfsmom and iamadlfan spotted us from the monorail and we hooked up. we watched the Jedi Academy, took a whirl in the teacups and then headed for Big Thunder for Mikey, murfsmom and iamadlfan's 1st trips! It was quite a bit of fun.

Then we bumped into the rest of the LP posse, engaged in some pin trading. And Shiva really touched DWB's heart. He presented me with a DL sheriff's badge. Please let me explain the magic behind this one.

As some of you know, i have moved and travelled a fair bit in my life. The one place that felt like home was DL. We lived in Visalia in the Central Valley for a few years, and I was lucky to be kidnapped by most of my family as they travelled down from the Bay Area to DL. My fav travelling companions were my Great Aunt and Uncle (our witnesses at my wedding too). I shared a great memory when I was Mikey's age of being in DL with them when out of the blue they surprised me with a coon skin cap, rifle and sheriff's badge. That to this day I still have that outfit. Well when Shiva gave me another badge out of the blue, I was compelled to hug him. Thank you for another wonderful memory of human compassion my friend ((((HUGS)))).

I miss my family terribly. Most of them have left us now. But there are two legacies for me, DL memories, and the character they helped instill that make me who I am. I am sometimes passionate about Disney because of these great memories of bringing out the best in humanity. Disneyland has never been about characters for me (though they can be fun), but a sense of place and inspiration.

disneyland is a very personal experience for me, almost a religious one at that. I was so worried before going given the experience in WDW 18 months ago, but I found that my DL still exists (even if the trajectory is still a little concerning).
Sat 3/15/2008 5:43p
We then took a wonderful trip in a horseless carriage with Steph, a great cast member.

Then it was off to see Aladdin. We wrote quite a bit about our trampling, so I shall move on. But regarding the show...WOW. I used to think Paris had the very best shows, and with the exception of Nemo, I always thought WDW's shows were a waste of space. But Aladdin is simply the best Disney stage show in a theme park and is even better than some broadway and West End productions. This show is totally worth the price of admission!

Sat 3/15/2008 5:51p
We got Murfsmom strapped up and into a wheelchair, and it was on to Soarin' We had a fantastic flight, but even better was playing human bowling with murfsmom as the ball. We were in hysterics. We then took the ladies to the DL Hotel so iamadlfan and murfsmom could safely correct their car.

We then went to Steakhouse 55 for a great meal. Cocktails, great service, great steaks, lovely desserts and a great Zinfandel! The kids were as good as gold, and we were all able to enjoy a wonderful meal together. I love that Disney nice table services are a great way to have a good meal as a family and nobody thinks twice. And the kids eat far better at these sorts of establishments than junk food places.

As we left, we then headed to the pin store to do some collateral damage. And we met some top drawer cast members.

Yet another great day in DL, finished off with a relaxing milk by the fire in the Great Hall of the Grand.
Sat 3/15/2008 5:56p
Day 4 - early entry and more fun in store. We went in early and managed to tackle the FL dark rides in under an hour, and then we hooked up with the clones and family for a breakfast with Minnie at the Plaza Inn. We had a fantastic experience, and were so touched to be included as a part of the clones' traditions.

We had a wonderful time. We then went our seperate ways, enjoyed a spin on the Matterhorn, and then another piece of magic unfolded.

Mikey was chosen to a padawan in the Jedi Academy. And not only did he get to fight Darth Vader, but he was also the final battle with Darth Maul to defeat the dark side. It was such a magic moment for this Star Wars obsessed Dad to see his Star Wars obsessed son act out their joint fantasies! I did honestly cry. How wet?

Sat 3/15/2008 6:06p
We enjoyed a spin on the new Space Mountain. Unlike in DLP, this 2nd version is an improvement on the original. Though Paris is still my fav version, this is now my 2nd. We also took in Buzz, the Tiki Room, Indy and a few more attractions before our tummies rumbled.

It was on to Coke Corner for a hot dog fix. Not only did we enjoy a little live rag time magic, but we also got to dance and play with the Mad Hatter, Bert, and a Mary Poppins penguin. We have never had these intimate play experiences outside of DL, and it is this sort of thing that makes DL much better to me than WDW or DLP.

In the evening, we took in Splash Mountain. I prefer this one to WDW's too. That now means where there are two attractions at WDW and DL, I always prefer the DL version, this is without exception!

Now, I also moaned when Pooh replaced the Country Bears as they were one of my favs. But it was nice to take the kids on Pooh while Sarah and I did babyswitch.

While the parade was on (we were saving this for the last night), it was another round of Buzz, Mikey driving his dad around the bend on Autopia, and then the Subs. It was great to see them running again, and the Nemo make over was cute. I do miss the old style though, but this is better than than no subs.

We left via a very quiet Main Street, but the stores were still open. So I had to buy a hand painted watch of the Main Street Train Station with Goofy as a conductor. With the exchange rate and the free gift card Disney gave us, it had to be done!

We then enjoyed the fire at the Grand again!
Sat 3/15/2008 6:09p
And here are the pictures for day 4:
8 ilovemickey 8
Sat 3/15/2008 6:46p
<<Yet another great day in DL, finished off with a relaxing milk by the fire in the Great Hall of the Grand.>>

Ahh this is my absolute favorite!!! There isn't a better way to end the day at Disneyland!

Your family brings such a smile to my face as I see my same love and passion for Disneyland in their eyes!
Sat 3/15/2008 6:57p
Thanks 8 ilovemickey 8, we did have a blast!

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