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Topic: Baloos Trip report including some pictures

Sat 3/15/2008 7:00p
Wow Dave! It has been so fun reliving our time together and learning about the rest of your vacation. But now you are closing in on the last day and I dread having the vacation end again.
Thank you for the report and pictures.
Sat 3/15/2008 7:07p
Well Day 5 was our last official day in the parks. We started with the Morning Madness in Toontown, enjoying some play time with the characters and the land, a spin on Roger Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit, hubba hubba!

Then we had to high tail it to the Blue Bayou to make our lunch reservations. We were able to have a wonderful waterside table. The meal was excellent, and we really enjoyed it. The Mint Julleps are still great too!

We had some before the last official meet, so we hopped on the Mark Twain and enjoyed a cruise sat at the bow.

Then on to meet the clones and lesmisfan for a little PotC action. We had a great time together. Although we would have loved to go to TSI with Shiva and Tinkeroon, we wanted to concentrate on what we do not have in Europe (TSI is now very similar to Adventure Isle at DLP).

So it was off to DCA to enjoy Turtle Talk with Crush. We had a fantastic Crush - wonderful. Then on to the Sorcerer's Workshop, Beast's library, and Ursula's grotto. Mama is Jane from Tarzan, Mikey is Tarzan, Jessie is Lady from Lady and the Tramp, and Daddy is Lumiere - but of course!

We were transfixed on the Toy Story Zeotrope however, that thing is blooming amazing!

Then a little ride on Monsters Inc was in order, followed by the factory tours. And because we were honestly interested in the tortilla factory, asking about the production methods and all, the cast gave us a bag of corn tortillas - sweet!

Then it was off to a Bug's land. We really missed all the real crops they used to have in the farm :-(

Bugs land was cute themed. Heimlich was enjoyed by the kids, they were bored with Tuck and Roll, but Francis Lady Bug Boogie and Flik's Flyers were winning attractions for the baloos.

DCA then closed, so it was off to see the 50th exhibit before the parade.
Sat 3/15/2008 7:12p
And that shot of Mikey through the door at the Plaza Inn; Tony still talks about him worrying that you and Sarah would not be able to get out when they shut the door.
Mikey's adorable British accent:
"Excuse me sir, I don't know if my daddy will be able to get out."
Sat 3/15/2008 7:21p
The exhibit was wonderful. Nothing new to learn, and I had seen much of this stuff before. But the way it was put together was great.

The kids got a kick out of it too. The brain washing has totally worked!

And once again, a little tear was shed as I watched the memories fly back through the movie. Not only memories on celluloid, but my personal memories. Memories of my childhood. Memories of my family. Memories of other Disney trips. Introducing Sarah to the magic of Disney parks for the 1st time 9 years ago. Memories of my children enjoying the parks. Memories of an amazing vacation with amazing friends. The realisation that this adventure was soon due to end.

The raw emotion engulfed me, with the relisation that just as time had marched on from Walt's boyhood in Marceline at the turn of the Century to his opening of Disneyland 50 odd years later, my time was passing. I had moved on from being the child, to being the parent. And all being well, the grandparent of the future, sharing DL with his extended family. It occured to me that now here I was in DL, my land. In my thoughts, my age relived fond memories of the past. My children were savoring the challenge and promise of the future. DL is what enabled me, as a professional adult, husband and father to live out my ideals, my dreams, and face hard facts, to create me, the person that I am, an American. And indeed Disneyland is still my source of joy and inspiration (as well as my family of course.

Here it was, DL had brought friends from all over the globe for an amazing LP meet. And for those that could not be here, our friends in the US without the time or health to meet; our friends in the UK, that we left behind; and our friends in the Far east, that we hope to someday meet. It occured to me, that although I do not always agree with the direction of WDI and WDC, DL has been a joy and inspiration that has united our community!

It was with that realisation and the fact we would leave that brought on another tear to this proud father, husband and friend's eye. And yet at the same time I took great comfort that there's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shining at the end of every day. That everyone has a laughing place. And that through channels such as LP, though the oceans are wide and the mountains divide, it's a small world after all.

With a warmth in my heart, we marched out of the opera house hand in hand to meet our LP friends one last time on this amazing sojourn.
Sat 3/15/2008 7:27p
We met up with the clones for a little parade action. As Family time resonated through Town Square, I looked on with adoration at my beautiful wife, my adorable children, and my fantastic friends. The parade was pretty good, though I was expecting a little more. It felt almost identical to DLP's 15th, but it was indeed fun. And we got to enjoy the Pinnocchio stop with the bungee marionettes.

It was a fabulous finale, to a fantastic fantasy foray!.

We then all returned as a group of friends to share coffee and wine in the Great Hall of the Grand Californian.

My friends, I still love Disneyland. And I will return!
Sat 3/15/2008 7:28p
Pictures of day 5:
Sat 3/15/2008 7:31p
Lol - he can be a real kick in the butt. I can't believe he has his first day of school on Monday. My baby is growing up!
Sat 3/15/2008 7:52p
Day 6, the voyage home.

We got up early on the last day and got packed. we then headed down to a 7:30 breakfast at Story Tellers. Now we have had a lot of character meals over the years. But this was one of my favs. To see the characters from Pocahontas, Brother Bear, the Chip Monks and Pluto made a great change from the usual fab 5, Princesses, Pooh collection. And the food was good too. It was a great way to end our Disney part of the vacation. Then a little shopping in downtown Disney, and the Magical Express bus back to LAX, for a not so Magical time.

Check in was hard and Mikey had to go to the bathroom. due to construction, I had to move two trolleys with luggage and Jess in the stroller, from the check in counter to a luggage drop off counter. Then a silly staff member yelled at me for taking too long.

there were beggars in the airport and the bathrooms were filthy. It made me realise how much America has really changed since I moved to Europe.

After a quick bite to eat, we went through security. Trying to take shoes off of the kids as well, really makes us slow. Thankfully, they opened another security queue for families, so we could take our time.

Getting on the plane, there was a lovely old couple who took nicely to the kids, but behind us was a grumpy guy who said really loudly "I don't know why they let kids fly". I turned to him and said "it's because it's too far to swim!"

That shut him up. The kids were as good as gold and slept most of the way. Sadly I could not.

We had a very rough and turbulent flight where we were not allowed to get up for 70% of the flight, really difficult on the bladder. Thank god Mikey was asleep for most of it.

We landed safely, and the meet and greet brought our car back. The only way to go when travelling with little ones! And we had it washed and vaccuumed while we were away, totally worth while!

Feeling ill from the rough flight, we made our way home and tried to stay up till a reasonable hour. It took about 5 days to warm up as going from 75 degrees to 40 in 11 hours was a real shock to the system. The storms didn't help either.

So now, we are back, paying off the costs of this trip, preparing Mikey to start school, and the 4 year old in me is saying....when can I go to DL?

To all our friends, new and old, to my wife and children, to my elders who taught me to love DL, to the cast, imagineers and Walt, thank you!

And if you have read this self indulgent diatribe, you deserve a medal. Thank you for your perseverence, your comments and your friendship. I hope you enjoyed the ride.
Sat 3/15/2008 7:56p
The final pictures:
Sat 3/15/2008 9:18p
It is an absolutely wonderful report, DWB.

You have a talent for painting word pictures with only a few words.

It was a real joy to spend some time with your lovely family.

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