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Community Discussion
Topic: Baloos Trip report including some pictures

Mon 3/17/2008 2:37p
Very true FoDD. Very true.
Mon 3/17/2008 3:21p
Fantastic trip report, Dave!

I'm sad that hubby & I weren't able to meet up with you for the SF meet (or DL, for that matter).

You have a beautiful family and I'm so glad that your love of Disney magic was restored on the trip.

Speaking of Disney magic, I had to gasp when I saw one of the pictures on DL Day 4. The photo with Mikey meeting a new friend while sitting in the esplanade...Mikey's right hand is smack in the middle of our DL brick! What are the odds?!

Hoping we can work our schedule to join the party in Dec'09!
Mon 3/17/2008 4:04p
>>Mikey's right hand is smack in the middle of our DL brick! What are the odds?!<<

THAT is so neat! It's the Baloo Disney Magic.... :)

I just wanted to say thanks again Dave for sharing your trip. I never tired of reading about and seeing the fun and love in your family's faces. Thank you for loving DL the way alot of us do, but can't put into the right words, as you so wonderfully did. More than once my eyes welled up as I read of your memories of family and the love of DL, and EVERY time I was saying to myself "Exactly! That's exactly how it is!!"

SO, now I'm looking forward to 2009 and hopefully we will be there for that meet!!! Besides I still need to send Shiva after Mr Stacers to get him to wear some ears! I hear he has a thing about ears! ;)

Thanks again and you guys take care!
Mon 3/17/2008 5:43p
>>I still need to send Shiva after Mr Stacers to get him to wear some ears! I hear he has a thing about ears!<<

<--waves hand frantically to get Stacer's attention.

I'll do it!!! : )
Mon 3/17/2008 6:57p
LOL! I knew I could count on you!! I've still got your #, so I'll be using it, don't you worry! ;)
Mon 3/17/2008 8:06p
Great trip report and great photos.
Tue 3/18/2008 12:17a
Thanks guys. I am indeed a born again DL fan! Glad you all enjoyed the report. I do have some fun video clips I need to get on (but they take ages), so maybe over the holiday weekend.

As you say Lacybelle, what are the odds??? That is soooo cool. Just wait until I tell Sarah. It would be great to meet next time we are in.

Stacers, I am so glad I was able to touch your emotions. I did worry at times, was I going a little OTT, but then I thought, "No, that's the way I feel, so let's get it down and share". But I am happy to work on Mr Stacers too. I too have an ear fetish, so if Shiva and I both do it, he may be tempted.

mj9401 - glad you enjoyed.

Now, I am having difficulty moving forward. I may have to book a trip to another Disney park soon (maybe DLP before our APs expire), but I need to save up.
Tue 3/18/2008 6:13a
thanks for sharing Dave i have really enjoyed looking at your pictures .
Tue 3/18/2008 7:21a
>>I too have an ear fetish, so if Shiva and I both do it<<

Dave, we should have bought matching ears and had our picture taken. We look enough alike to begin with except, according to smedley, I'm a little "undertall".
Tue 3/18/2008 10:55a
Dave, I kept looking for your report in the TR section, as I know how concerned you were that perhaps DL wouldn't hold the magic for you as it once did... and having read quick comments on other threads I knew you were back home, you loved it, as many of us told you you would, but still wanted to hear you expand upon that... kept looking at the TR section and not seeing it... finally found the TR here, and glad I did.

Looks like a great time, wonderful pictures, and some of the descriptions and the emotions they evoked just made me shake my head and say to myself "yep...yep...yep..."

Having met my very first LP person on this most recent trip, it was also nice to read about (and then see in the pics) the community spirit.

I'm glad you had such a great trip, and particularly glad that, despite concerns about current direction, DL still holds the magic for you - which is exactly where I'm at too.

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