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Topic: Baloos Trip report including some pictures

Wed 3/19/2008 8:23a
Wed 3/19/2008 8:28a
I seem to be missing a couple of days, and I never finished the trip report, but here you go.

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Wed 3/19/2008 8:32a
Wow, your kids certainly got to see a lot of them parks in their small lifetimes ;). I been to all those parks minus the Legolands.

I still can't believe you brainwashed your kids into liking DCA....does someone know the country code so I can call social services in the UK ;D. And yeah, dumbing down is what DCA is allll about lol. Actually though, when I was a kid and did my share of theme parks, in the SoCal area lol, I would say when I was Mikey's age, I pretty much liked them all equally. I think then though I still put DL on a pedestal because we spent the most time there and yeah even at that age you can tell there is just something infinitely better about it quality wise, but in general I loved MM and KBF just as much. I think the only downer I ever had was probably with Sea World growing up. I haven't been there since college though, so I have no idea how much it has improved and I never been to Sea World in Florida either.

Anyway, time to look at the day 5 photos and then will come back and comment. Thanks for the WDW threads too. Will get on those as soon as I'm done here. LOL, its going to be a long night. The James Bond movie marathon I had plan for tonight will just have to wait ;D.
Wed 3/19/2008 8:37a
I am honored, beating James Bond.

Overall we had fun at WDW. But reading through, I think it is the maintenance issues, coupled with the buses and attitudes, with the Florida climate, and my MIL driving me crazy that really put a dampener on it.
Wed 3/19/2008 10:09a
*Whew* just finished :). I kinda want to read the rest of your trip now lol. And wow, AKL does sound amazing. I like reading how you guys woke up one night to see nothing but giraffees, zebras and other animals staring back at you. Looking at your pics, I didn't realize how close you were (btw, did you lose some weight between then and now? I think I noticed a difference in the WDW pics and the Cali ones?).

But you know, it didn't sound THAT bad with the exception of the bus waits (and you left out the MIL drama...I guess when the wife reads the boards as well, a good idea ;)). I did sense though as the of the report was sounding worse by the day though.

I don't know, I love WDW, but I only been twice and I only been alone. Hell, I been in about 35 countries now and I will say about 20 of them, I experienced alone, at least the first time around. Also, I budgeted the hell of my two trips lol. I stayed at a roach motel off of Katella somewhere not too far from a crack house (of course, there really are some things you just can't get on property regardless what the brochures say lol) so I expected it to be some 'issues'. If I was staying smack on property paying only God knows what, yeah, I guess I would look at it very differently. And its really odd to me how staying ON property, you seem to wait for everything longer for some odd reason. I like the fact that although its REALLY inconviennt if you want to go somewhere outside of WDW, I take the hotel bus that just dump you on Epcot property, making it a hop skip and a jump everywhere else basically, EXCEPT DTD. DON'T GET ME STARTED!!!! >:(.

And also, I imagine anytime you're with a big possee, it slows things waaay down. I admit, I'm a social person, I like being with others, but as Mr. X can tell you, I'm very, very comfortable in my own skin and being on my own. For some reason, when it's just me and there are break downs, delays, etc, it gets frustrating, but I breeze through it. However, when I'm with other people waiting the same amount of time, there is a big difference in that dynamic for some reason and I get impatient quick. Also one of the reasons why I PREFER to travel on my own ;). Don't get me wrong though, I understand all the bigger issues of WDW in general and every once in awhile brave enough to go into WDW threads to see the fighting in high gear (this coming from a former DCA and World Events regular lol) and so I know the 'magic' has died considerably compared to the Cali and Tokyo parks. That's a shame. When I visited it back in 2003 (Five YEARS AGO!!! Christ the times goes fast when you get old lol) and yeah even then MK was probably the least 'magical' of all the MK parks. Luckily HKDL is now giving it a run for its money ;D.

Anyway, I would still like to go back (and Mr. X had good things to say when I talked to him a few weeks back, but I haven't any of his trip reports here) and was thisclose to doing it last year when I thought I couldn't get a decent airfare to Peru. The airfare alone, FROM L.A., not even counting Asia where I started mind you, would've paid for my entire trip to WDW lol. Of course how often does one get the chance to see Maachu Pichu :).

Anyway, enjoyed the trip down memory lane :). I forget sometimes how much FUN it is just to waste time on this website reading and seeing other people's experiences. Less yelling on the boards helps too ;).

Anyway, thanks dude, it was fun! I shall return!
Wed 3/19/2008 10:47a
>>>(btw, did you lose some weight between then and now? I think I noticed a difference in the WDW pics and the Cali ones?). <<<<

Thank you for noticing. Yep, I lost about 60lbs between the 2 trips. I have more to go, but over 18 months I'm still happy. I gained 5lbs this last trip, but I have already lost 2 of them ;-)
Wed 3/19/2008 10:54a
^^Hey way to go dude :). I imagine it's hard, but you're making progress!

Everytime I'm in the states, I easily put on extra pounds with all the fast food the Americans love and the fact the portions are so ridiculous, you can feed a family of four in other places with just one meal in America lol.
Wed 3/19/2008 10:57a
Yep, travelling in a group with kids does majorly slow you down. Now this is not a problem. In DL it was great, everything was well maintained, and there was a lot of streetmousphere, so slowing down is fun.

In WDW, this is a huge difference. In Epcot and DAK, slowing down is fun. In DHS, not so much. And at the MK, man slowing down shows the filth, the lack of detail. It shows a park designed for once in a lifetimers, or folks that rush from attraction to attraction.

My MIL, Buses, and humidity were the three worst things. And going during Pop Warner Football and Cheer competition certainly brought in an element that eroded the magic (and made the parks heave). Mix in there were 2 nights where we could go to the MK to see Wishes without buying an extra tickets to the Very Merry Christmas Party (free Christmas events offered in DL, DLP, and TDL), which made those two nights uncomfortably busy.

Then we were on the dining plan, and made reservations months in advance, one day the kids were poorly. to swap our reservations for a meal that was paid for was really tricky and took 30mins to sort out.

It was fun, and if I were new to Disney, I probably would be ok. But when it degraded from what it was in 2000, and offers a lesser experience quality wise than Anaheim or Paris, well it makes you question the value.

Also, when you see pirates and princess rubbish for sale in future world???? What's that all about. And then AA's are creaking (if they work at all) in a number of e-tickets.

It really made me think and rethink. Our time at the Grand Californian at DL was cheaper and better than our time at AKL (even though the design and animals are super cool). Flights are cheaper to Ca than Fla now too. And virtually every single attraction that Florida has that is available in DL or DLP is better outside of Florida IMHO.

So personally, we will choose the others for a while. And eventually when I miss DAK and Epcot, or if Disney do something amazing, we will go back, stay at Marriott Vacation Club, rent a car, and be selective.
Wed 3/19/2008 10:59a
No kidding. We bought Mikey a happy meal at McDs because we needed to use the restroom. It was the size of a large meal at McD's in the UK!!!
Wed 3/19/2008 11:23a
When we met up in San Francisco you seemed much slimmer than what I was expecting (you had described yourself as "morbidly obese"). I did not realize you had lost 60lbs. I will have to go look at your older pix.

I was under the impression that Disneyland was Mikey's favorite after his reaction to having to leave and having your *friends* leave. I still loved that little episode. My reaction totally when it is time to leave.

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