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Topic: Disney Wilderness Preserve, Anyone been?

Fri 4/4/2008 4:56a
I was wondering if any of you guys have been to Disney's Wilderness Preserve. It is 15 mile south of WDW.

I used to live up in Winter Springs and used to walk out on a nature trail up there. It was really cool, but the last time I was there, it was really overgrown and rundown.
So I was wondering if anyone has been to Disney's. Any info would be appreciated.
Fri 4/4/2008 8:36p
I haven't been and it is something I would like to see...But the way it is promoted I completely forget about it once I hit WDW...Seems they could do a little more to make people aware of it..Then again maybe it is better people don't know about it...
Fri 4/4/2008 9:31p
I have been there, and it's a nice place to hike. Most of the hiking trails cover scrub areas (sandhills, slash pines), but some parts of the trail is a boardwalk that goes through a cypress forest and out to a lake.

It's far cry from the developed areas of WDW, and while I think there are better places to hike and birdwatch in Central Florida, it's a nice park just the same.

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