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Topic: Summer Resort Rates

Tue 4/8/2008 8:06a
A while back, I had claimed that you could get a higher quality luxury experience off prop at places like the Ritz-Carlton and J. W. Marriott for $100/night less than the GF & Poly respectively. I was challenged and we all ran the numbers and they didn't jive with the numbers I had gotten last August making me look like an idiot. Well, I just ran the numbers for this summer again using June 14th as a target date and this jives with my claim last year.

$385- GrandFL
$340- Poly
$325- YC, BC, & BW
$285- OKW
$279- Ritz-Carton
$225- WL
$219- J. W. Marriott

So with the rates available now, The Ritz is running $106/night less than the Grand, and the J. W. is running $121/night less than the Poly. But considering he quality of the facility and the service given at the J. W., I wouldn't have any problem with directly comparing it to the Grand at a nightly savings of $166. Heck, the Ritz Carlton is less than Old Key West. I know its slummin' it, but to save $100/night I can suffer through it, so if anyone is interested here is a link to the Grand Lake Resort.
Sport Goofy
Tue 4/8/2008 8:11a
What's the price difference in staying on or off the Strip in Las Vegas? Isn't that the same difference?
Tue 4/8/2008 8:16a
Yep, but the difference is, on the strip you get great service and accommodations. the same cannot really be said about WDW. (Thankfully it can about DL however)
Tue 4/8/2008 8:23a
You're on to something there. The Ritz of off-prop there too. Hmmm.
Let's see, the Ritz LV for June 14th is $209, the Venetian is $219.
Tue 4/8/2008 8:43a
LV actually seems all over the place with the rates. The 5 Star 4Seasons which is on the strip is $326, and the 4 star Palms, which is off the strip is $324
Tue 4/8/2008 9:00a
So fr $2 more you get an extra quality star and a room on the strip.

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