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Topic: What was the last concert you went to?

Wed 6/15/2011 1:11p
Bill Engvall
At The Del Mar Fair

He was pretty funny!
Wed 6/15/2011 1:56p
Erwin Center in Austin with my boyfriend

tomorrow night:
Peter Gabriel with the New Blood Orchestra at one of his ELEVEN US stops in The Woodlands, Texas - thus the reason I'm in Houston right now :D
Wed 6/15/2011 1:57p
Oh, and Rush was Sunday... Saturday night I saw Earth, Wind & Fire on their 40th anniversary tour - both shows were AWESOME!

Oh, and on Friday night, Matt (boyfriend) and I are going to see Explosions in the Sky then on Saturday we're going to see Sister 7 at Antone's.
Wed 6/15/2011 4:44p
>>tomorrow night:
Peter Gabriel with the New Blood Orchestra<<

Please report back on how it was! I love the concert video for "Growing Up."
Fri 6/17/2011 6:05a
Paul McCartney, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 6/10/11.
Fri 6/17/2011 7:34a
Del Mar fair
Last night
Mary Poppins
Sat 6/18/2011 7:51p
High School Year End Concert:

Jazz and Concert Bands
Jazz and Concert Choirs
Sun 6/19/2011 12:53p
Jenni - Peter Gabriel was AWESOME! Just absolutely astounding. The conductor was Ben Foster whose name *I* know from Torchwood - he's the orchestrator for that and Dr. Who, plus he's worked with BBC Philharmonic, etc. He's an AWESOME conductor... in fact, at the end of the show, my BFF John told me that he'd never seen a coductor as animated and who got fatured instead of just being some stodgy old man. It was AWESOME! I'll try to piece together a better review, but all in all it was great - from "Heroes" to "Boy in the Bubble" to "Biko" and the first encore, "Solsbury Hill" the show was jsut amazing!

The opening act was actually one of his backup singers, a young lady named Ana who's from Norway... her voice and singing style very much remind me of a Sinead O'Connor sort... Celtic sounding, too, which my bestie tells me is because Celtic music was somehow based on or an offshot of music from Scandanavian areas.

Here's a review with pictures taken by a friend of John's who we ran into before the show:

One thing I thought was really neat is that when Peter was introducing everyone at the end of the show, we found out that only about half the orchestra were from Europe, and the other half were Houston musicians - so I figure they were likely members of the Houston Symphony Orchestra...which means that if any of them have been in that organization for 20 years, I've seen them before (back when I was in college, I dated a guy who took me to the symphony a couple of times)!

Oh, and I VERY much appreciate that Peter also made sure to thank the crew working on the show.

Finally, this is something that I've never seen before and that SHOCKED me - stage right, facing where peter spent most of his time was:

a teleprompter with all the lyrics to the songs he was singing scrolling by

Good idea if you've got 40+ years worth of music to pull from, I guess.

Anyhow, feel free to friend me on FB if you're there and want to see pictures - I should have them up within a week or so, hopefully, along with some video.

Now, to stay on topic, the last show I saw was Explosions in the Sky here in Austin on Friday night with my boyfriend. I really preferred the opening act over Exposions it he sky, but found out something neat afterward: the bass player (one of the two truly talented members of the band in my book, along with the drummer) is the brother-in-law of a guy I've known since first grade! Wowsers!
Thu 6/23/2011 5:22p
Thanks so much for the report, Labuda! I kinda figured any concert he does must be AMAZING and, yes, he strikes me as the kind of class act guy to acknowledge everyone else who is a part of the show.

I am on FB so I'll drop you a line there.
Sun 7/3/2011 3:38a
Oh man, we are so exhausted this morning. After dropping off the kids at my mother in law's, we then proceeded to Milton Keynes. The traffic jam was epic. We live 23 miles (46km?) from the venue, it took 90 minutesuntil we were parked. Finally getting in around 4, we were famished and opted for a very tastey ostrich burger with jack daniels onions, it was pretty awesome. Then we had a hog roast bagette and some white zinfandel. My how the catering at concertshave changed over the years, for much for the better.

Obligatory tour shirt bought, we got into the main arena of Milton Keynes bowl (a huge amphitheater, there were 70,000 people there). The first band were on (cannot remember who they were, but they were only alright IMHO). We managed to find a good position near the sound booth. Sadly we did not realisethat there was an inner pit we could have bought :-( so we were about 3-4 rows from as close as we could be. We ended up in the most pit really!

The second band, Death Cab for Cutie were next. They may have come over especially from Seattle, but man they were dull. The dj between sets was not great imho either, a 50 something embarrassing himself I thought. Lol, it turns out it was the guy responsiblefor establishing the Foo Fighters!

But then at 7 the show really got going. Biffy Clyro came on for an hour and they were absolutely awesome. They are my favourite band to come out of Scotland and my kids adore them too. They were very tight, and the lead singer looked like the typical highlander minus a kilt. The crowd went mental with When we Collide, it was fantastic. And Mountains (mine and the kids' fav took it over the top). We were stoked and could not wait. Shortly after, although my dodge knee and back were feeling the pressure, we were ready for the Foo Fighters.

They played for nearly 3 hours! It was amazing including several tracks from their new album and many of the older ones too. They had a number of special treats too including a guitar duel whereDave Grohl standing on top of the sound booth 12 feet away from thislegend. Fantastic. Also Roger Taylor of Queen fame played one number with the boys. But the very cool part was during the curtain call, Alice Cooper came on and played School's Out and 18 with the boys. It was an incredible surprise. This was Sarah's first major gig since we became parents. This was a birthday present for her. What is funny is her last gig she went too was nearly 9 yearsago, a birthday present for me, while in her 2nd trimester, to see Alice Cooper! Lol. The rock circle is complete! They finished with Everlong to huge applause with an amazing pyrotechnics display that would make a Disney park jealous.

One of my top 5 gigs of all time, and for Sarah, it has not quite displaced the Aerosmith Toxic Twin Ball a few years ago, but it did come 2nd! We filed out to the car where the place was heaving. We decided to pour some coffee from the flask and wait out the traffic, finally leaving at 1am. It took over an hour to get back dueto traffic pulling into McDonald's for a bite before heading home (thank goodnessthey are finally 24 hours here), we were able to flake out at 3, feeling very beat up and realising I am no longer 21. But what a way to go. A part of me wishes I could be at tonight's gig as well!

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