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Topic: What was the last concert you went to?

Mon 11/26/2012 3:18p
Oh, and Disneyfreak - I'm seeing P!nk in February - I can't wait! :D I saw Lady Gaga last year and can assure you she puts on a GREAT how!
Wed 1/23/2013 12:12p
DSO presents the music of Queen
Wed 1/23/2013 12:56p
Pickled Okra with Special Guest Brandi Carlile on Dec. 5th.

It's been a depressingly music-free winter but we're headed up to Vancouver BC on Feb 9th to see Hot Water Music/the Menzingers and seeing them in Seattle the following night.
Wed 6/12/2013 1:27p
Just giving this a little bump... the most recent at this point was Monday night's Michael Kiwanuka show taping for Austin City Limits, but I see that the last time I posted here was in November, so I may come back soon and tell y'all what all I've seen in the six months between then & now. :)
Wed 6/12/2013 2:00p
Ok, so:

Dec 1 - Joe Rogan (funny, and we were front row, which was cool!)

Dec 5 - Neon Trees (great show, but kinda short, glad the ticket was only about $30)

Dec 15 - Bryan Adams Bare Bones tour (AWESOME!!!)

Dec 22 - Santaland Diaries (play, HILARIOUS)

Dec 23 - took my mom to see a production of White Christmas

Jan 10 - William Shatner (he was VERY funny!)

Jan 12 - Tru (play about Truman Capote - starring Jaston Williams who, if your'e a fan of A Greater Tuna, you're familiar with)

Jan 24 - 33 Variations (a show that upset the hell out of me since I didn't realize the main character was a woman dying of ALS, which runs in my family, BUT the music was AWESOME - renowned concert pianist Anton Nel performing Beethoven's 33 variations was part of the show! Anyhow, after a good cry during intermission, I was able to get back to the business of enjoying the show with my friend)

1 Feb - the Lion King tour (staging simpler than it was the first time I saw it about a decade ago, but still loved it)

9 Feb - Funky Meters (Have I mentioned that I TOTALLY dig funk? GREAT music!!!)

13 Feb - Russell Peters (comedy show)

15 Feb - talking Heads Hoot Night (tribute that a group here in Austin does annually)

21 Feb - P!nk (AWESOME)

22 Feb - Second City (good, but overly PG for my taste)

1 March - Jim Jefferies (OMG, sexy and HILARIOUS!!! And it doesn't hurt that the friend who went with me is a VERY attractive 25 year old... well, 26 now since he had a birthday two days before mine)

9 March - They Might be Giants (with my BFF in Houstonh, AND we met them at a record signing that afternoon! SUPER AWESOME AWESOME POSSUM!!!)

14 March - Lone Bellow and another band whose name escapes me (this was the Entertainment Weekly party during SXSW - free food, booze, and music, AND I didn't have to drive = YAY!)

17 March - Eric Clapton (not AS impressive as when I first saw him and he had BB King and Billy Preston, among others, with him, but it was still an ASTOUNDING show)

18 March - too many awesome acts to list at Antone's Farewell to 5th Street. A $10 ticket that included Bob Schneider, Arc Angels, Charlie & Will Sexton, two members of Eric Clapton's band (the drummer Steve and Arc Angels member Doyle Bramhall II), Martha Ball, Toni Price, Bill Sparkes, the Muller Brothers, Jimmie Vaughan, David Holt, Malford Milligan, and others whose names escape me at the moment, but I also want to point out that both Chris Layton & Tommy Shannon were on stage at one point, which was great especially since Scott Rose tends to play bass now when Tommy isn't available)

20 March - yes (AWESOME!)

22 March - Samantha Bee

23 March - Spamalot! (took my mom and we both LOVED it)

28 March - Tomas Kubinek Certified Lunatic & master of the Impossible (this was basically a vaudeville-style show and it was AMAZING!!!)

4 April - Mad Beat Hip & Gone (latest Steven Dietz play, about the dudes in the car BEHIND Hunter S. Thompson when he was making the trip that was the basis for Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas)

5 April - Steve Ranissizi (he plays Kevin on FX's The League which is a HILAROUS semi-scripted show about dudes in a fantasy football league)

10 April - Henson Alternative: Stuffed & Unstrung (basically, this is Muppets behaving badly and it's HILARIOUS!!!)

22 April - Tony Kushner (and WOW that he actually remembered me and we went out for a drink after the show... amazing to me that I made a good impression on a Pulitxer winner and now two-time Oscar nominee when I worked on a show of his in the early-mid 90s at the Alley Theatre in Houston)

24 April - this was an AWESOME DAY! First, I was front row for a show hosted by Bill Hader in the form of a few characters of his, and then later that night, I moved to front row of the balcony for Anthony Jeselnik who is ALSO hilarious!

27 April - Jim Gaffigan (SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!)

10 May - The Killers (their opening act, The Virgins, is AWESOME)

11 May - Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (awesomely fun musical!)

17 May - Whose Live Anyway (a live version of Whose Line Is It Anyway with Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten, Greg Proops, and some dude named Jeff B. Davis)

18 May - Bob Schneider (this show was an AWESOME treat, as it tunred out that my pal David Grissom, author of my favorite song EVER was playing guitar for Bob, so I had not only the eye candy that is Bob, but the ear candy that is David's guitar skills, an the rest of Bob's band - REALLY, REALLY awesome folks!)

21 may - Taylor Swift with Ed Sheeran opening - AWESOME SHOW!!!

23 May - Schrodinger's Cat (AWESOME a capella group that reunited for one night only to celebrate the 40th birthday of member John) & John Pointer - this was my first trip to the new Antone's and I fully admit that I have a massive crush on John and have since we first met when working together on a production where he played Judas (quick, guess what show that was? *grin*) a few years ago...

26 May - Hall & Oates - AWESOME show, except for the drunk chick falling over me from the row behind me - I had to leave my seat for about 30 minutes total when I ran to get a medic and then the paramedics were getting her on a board and out of the area - scary, but luckily, I think she was ok, else I'd have heard about it on the news. Good news is, I was seated when it happened and I instinctively lowered her gently to the floor shortly after one knee hit me in the back of the head... the dude to my left had left to grab a beer)

31 May - Cheech & Chong, Tower of Power, & War - the former & the latter were both great, but Tower of Power was INCREDIBLE!!!

5 June - One Vision: the music of Queen. This was three volcalists, a Canadian Band called Classic n' Jeans, the Austin Symphony, and the Texas Choral Consort and it was AMAZING. Oh,t hen after the show, we hung around for a bit to watch some of Labyrinth which had been preceded by a Bowie tribute band on the lawn in front of the Long Center... we'd heard the Bowie band some before the show and then during intermission

6 June - Harvey (awesome play upon which the movie is based)

Ok, that's mostly it except for the fact that every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that I don't have show tickets, I'm seeing awesome cover bands at the bar where I play poker now

Thu 6/13/2013 9:46a
Holy cow. I haven't seen that many shows in my entire life!

DSO plays along to West Side Story

Carlos Mencia was cancelled. Boo!
Fri 6/21/2013 10:58a
18 June - Dixie's Tupperware Party - what FUN!

Coming up next: Robert Plant and the Sensational Space Shifters on Sunday then on Tuesday I'll be seeing Cheap Trick.

And WDWdreamin: yeah, but I'm a music addict. And that's just a few months worth! hehe
Tue 6/25/2013 5:36a
Lil' Band O' Gold (awesome Lafayette, LA-based zydeco) opening for Robert Plant's Sensational Space Shifters

Holy moly. What a show! Best way to spend a non-football Sunday, I think. :) hehe

Tonight ont he menu: Cheap Trick. I was balcony for Robert, but tonigth I'm 5th row floor one seat from the center aisle.
Wed 6/26/2013 5:06a
Quiet Company opening for Cheap Trick

First off, God Bless Austin! Quiet Company is a local band that was FREAKIN' AWESOME! And their singer told us they're playing ehre Friday night at some place called North Door and the cover will be $3. Guess where I'm going to try to go on Friday? :D hehe

Cheap Trick was flippin' AWESOME!!! Oh, and I got a guitar pick. :) hehe
Wed 10/9/2013 7:02p
A few weeks ago: Polyphonic Spree.

Last Wednesday: Moby at the Fonda. Great show.

This Saturday: Above and Beyond (acoustic) at the Greek.

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