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Community Discussion
Topic: What was the last concert you went to?

Wed 8/13/2008 9:15p
Did you enjoy the show, vbdad? She's changed a lot from her first album.
Wed 8/13/2008 9:27p
I really did enjoy the show, I think she's got a terrific voice.

I have to admit though I got hooked on her when she started doing some Janis Joplin covers - she is amazing with that material.
Wed 8/13/2008 10:25p
REM in Tel Aviv in 1995. The crowd was much more subdued than US audiences. The band was great.
Wed 8/13/2008 10:57p
Ludo at DTD House of Blues June 2008. I just realized I haven't been to a concert in a couple months. I usually go to about 2 a month...
Thu 8/14/2008 2:00p
Okay, don't laugh. A repressed memory has surfaced...

A year ago I won tickets to see Donny Osmond in concert at an intimate theater in the round setting. I was like....okay, what the heck. DH and I went and were blown away. He has a terrific voice and a great band.

A week or two later he was playing in sold out stadiums in Ireland and England, I believe.

I mean, who knew? When he and I were teens, I was listening to the Jackson 5, not the Osmonds....

I would recommend it to those of you who listen to his type of music.
Thu 8/14/2008 2:15p
I wish I could find my vhs tape with the Osmonds (including a little Donnie) at Disneyland. It also has Kurt Russell. Everytime we see the double decker bus at DL, we picture them playing CCR's "Down on the Corner". It cracks us up but not as much as them playing "Let The Sunshine In" from Hair. LOL
Thu 8/14/2008 2:20p

It IS funny, isn't it? I like watching them do the Haunted Mansion thing along with EJ Peaker on You Tube. Never did have that tape....hope you can find yours.

{{{Kurt Russell}}} Let's get an animatronic thing of him homage to The Monkey's Uncle or something.... *sigh*
Thu 8/14/2008 2:51p
The last concert I went to was Brandi Carlile in Portland, Oregon in June of 2007, I believe.
Thu 8/14/2008 3:00p
Oh Lord, aren't those EJ Peaker songs hilariously awful? How about the last one where "it must be him, oh it must be him" but it isn't him and she dies?
Thu 8/14/2008 3:02p
Candice, can you get to Seattle tomorrow night? I think I could get ya an extra ticket.

Hot, tiny club though, which does not bode well for me and my panic attacks.

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